This Guy Peterson-designed home in Southside Village is one of the most successful modern homes in town. It’s got everything—style, luxury, perfect details and a great location, just a few minutes from downtown. It’s completely up to date (even though it is 15 years old), and full of touches that show off its DNA from the Sarasota School of Architecture.

Inside you’ll find sliding walls of glass, polished concrete floors, maple paneling to warm up the more intimate areas and some very mid-century stacked Ocala block. Organized around a central courtyard with a large pool, it seems larger than its 2,939 square feet. And the landscape design, by David Young, does a great job of continuing the home’s refined lines and proportions.

I am told that we can no longer use the term “master bath” because it is politically incorrect, so I will just suggest that you take a look at the great big bathroom adjoining the great big bedroom. It’s a virtuoso design, covered with blue and green mosaic tiles, and a walk-in shower that opens to a bamboo garden. Still, my favorite touch is the pool pavilion, a gorgeous design that defines what’s glamorous in Sarasota these days.

1658 Hawthorne St. is priced at $2,495,000. For more info call Kim Ogilvie of Michael Saunders and Co. at (941) 376-1717.

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