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Check Out This Sarasota MOD Weekend Video Wrap-Up

The modern architecture festival attracted attendees from as far away as Canada and Sweden.

By Ilene Denton December 10, 2019

A typical Sarasota '60s home.

Modern architecture fans from as far away as Canada and Sweden attended the sixth annual Sarasota MOD Weekend in November, a celebration by the Sarasota Architectural Foundation of the Sarasota School of Architecture and its lasting heritage.

“Sarasota in the Sixties” was the theme of this year’s three-day fest, which included trolley tours of Southgate, walking tours of Lido Shores—home to several Sarasota School of Architecture treasures—and a panel discussion headlined by architect Frank Folsom Smith, designer of the iconic ‘60s Plymouth Harbour tower on Coon Key.    

This brief, lively video wrap-up of MOD Weekend features remarkable images of Sarasota in the Sixties. Check it out.

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