If you’re in the market for a party house and don’t have a lot of money to spend, you might want to consider this very social animal of a home just off the North Trail. It started life as a sharp-looking 1950s bungalow and has morphed over the years into a sort of wannabe playboy’s lair, replete with a veneer of vintage Rat Pack glamour.

This is most evident around the pool area. It's not caged, though the there is a large screen lanai at the end of the living room, complete with grill. Next to the pool are two canopies, each with two lounges underneath, like a hip hotel in Miami. And though I can’t say for certain, it looks like skinny-dipping would be possible, if not mandatory. 

The home was built in 1959 and used to have beautiful baths and a kitchen from that era, wonderfully intact. They have now been replaced with very attractive modern versions of the mid-century look. There’s an extra large living area, two bedrooms and two baths.

The home may be too close to the North Trail for some—you can see the traffic flow by from the dining area—but for a local hipster it would just add to the raffish charm.

4801 Sarasota Ave. is priced at $324,999. For more information call Tami Cashi of Coldwell Banker at (941) 527-9088.

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