I’m not sure if this Southgate home is black or just dark gray—it sure looked black when I drove by it the other day—but whatever it is, it's a daring choice for Florida. I used to have a black car and swore never again. Wouldn’t it be the same with a house? 

I’m sure they’ve addressed this issue, and I’m told that in Seattle black houses are the height of chic, but still—the house is a bit of a shock.

The color choice is just part of the way the house grabs you. Notice also the wood cladding. Some version of this is being used in many, if not most, of the Southgate remodels, and it blends perfectly with the original mid-century look. Likewise the street numbers.

The interior of the home is in harmony with the exterior. The color scheme is white, black and gray, and everything is very crisp and tight. The home has the odd distinction of having its outside feel cozier than its inside.

The home has three bedrooms and two baths in 1,726 square feet. It’s in the middle of Southgate and was built in 1957. If you’re planning a remodel, you should definitely drive by and take a look. 

2733 Grove St. is priced at $314,000. For more information call Brooke Moran of Suncoast Realty Group at (941) 705-3351.

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