I think a lot of Sarasotans are in my shoes—a house with more than one level has become a deal breaker. So what do you do with one of those fancy new downtown town houses that are popping up all over? You put in an elevator.

Here’s one at the Q, an oddly named 40 unit enclave on Ringling Boulevard near the post office. The elevator is wrapped by the staircase, like in one those French hotels in an Audrey Hepburn movie. But instead of filigreed iron, it looks like a pneumatic tube. Very cool. It’s pretty skinny but I assume it holds more than one. 

Without having to climb stairs, the townhouse suddenly makes sense. You’ve got a two car garage on the lower level, with main living areas on the second and third. This particular model is one of the smaller ones (two bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths in just over 1,600 square feet) but is particularly well-equipped. The kitchen has Bosch appliances (plus a gas stove) and fancy Italian cabinetry. There’s also hardwood floors throughout, fitted closets, a fireplace and plenty of storage. The home has been lived in, but only briefly—it still exudes a feeling of “new and deluxe.”

This is the new downtown style—crisp modern design, high end finishes, and if some of the rooms seem a little tight, hey, you’re downtown. You can walk everywhere. I can think of five or so “Q” type places nearing completion—they’re a nice option to the new high rises, particularly with no stair-climbing necessary.

231 Cosmopolitan Court is priced at $825,000. For more info call Maureen Horn of Michael Saunders and Co. at (941) 539-3384.

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