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For Sale: Midcentury Modern (and Fabulous!) in Bradenton

This week: Bob Plunket takes us inside a midcentury estate on Bradenton's Riverview Boulevard.

By Bob Plunket August 3, 2016

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This midcentury estate-sized home on Bradenton’s Riverview Boulevard defines the word “fabulous.” It’s over the top, but in such a fun way, with all sorts of grand gestures and, well, fabulous details.

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It was built in 1960 for a socially prominent family, and was obviously used for entertaining. It’s must have been the perfect home to host a party for the governor. The extraordinary living room soars and slants and curves, with that most elegant of window treatments, the Austrian blind. (You may remember that the Four Seasons, which just closed to enormous publicity, has the same thing, only in some kind of metal.)

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But back to the living room. Check out the incredible furniture, some of it mid-century, some of it French. I’m a little speechless at the length of the couch. Don’t over look the grand piano in the corner, with the full size portrait of the mistress of the house, or the “sitting shelf” that follows the curved brick wall. Or the enormous purple rug set on top the terrazzo.

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The entrance hall is surprisingly modest but it more than makes up for it with some clever decorating.

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The kitchen appears to be original in both senses of the word. It looks like it dates back to 1960 and has never been remodeled. And it’s as original as any kitchen I’ve ever seen. The stove tops and sink are set in an island, with yards and yard of stainless steel that goes perfectly with the elegant wood cabinets. There is even that mid century status symbol—a complete soda fountain. And everything looks virtually brand new.

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The place is for sale for $3 million. Unfortunately it is set on a 2 acre lot at a particularly nice part of the river and will probably be torn down and replaced by four new houses. My biggest regret is that I have not found any pictures of the bathrooms, which I have a feeling are equally fabulous. I’ll keep you posted if I do.

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3002 Riverview Blvd., Bradenton is priced at $3 million. For further information, call Sarah Whisnant of Leslie Wells Realty.

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