Second Chance

The 'Other Round House' Is For Sale—Again

The midcentury cylinder-shaped home went viral when it came on the market. If you missed out on buying it the first time, now's your chance.

By Kim Doleatto January 23, 2024

The home at 3201 Peachtree St. was staged by iStage Homes in Sarasota.

If you missed out on this midcentury marvel of a home when it was first on the market, you've got a second chance. We wrote about what’s locally dubbed the “Other Round House” in 2021, when it was first listed, then wrote about it again when it sold to a young couple seeking to make Sarasota home.

Are we stalking it? Maybe. But we’re not alone.

When it was first listed, 3201 Peachtree St. in Sarasota went viral and set a new record for being the first to earn more than 100,000 likes on the X, formerly Twitter, account for Zillow Gone Wild—a curated list of the most showstopping homes for sale in the country. It was also featured in the New York Times real estate section, where it was described as “a showcase for midcentury style.”


Alex Aberle and his partner, Violette Harrington Levy, bought the home for $703,201, cash, in February 2023, after it was initially listed for $899,999. Now it’s priced to sell at $625,000.

The two-bedroom, one-bathroom home remains in pristine condition, since due to some “unfortunate family circumstances,” says former homeowner and realtor Sue Tapia, who is also representing the couple in the sale, they never moved in.


The two-bedroom, 1,268-square-foot home sits on a large, .35-acre lot and has a circular layout. It was inspired by the design of another nearby Sarasota School of Architecture gem with the same unique cylindrical format.

One of two bedrooms.

The all-original period furniture Tapia sourced over the years to match the architecture when she lived there wasn't included in the initial sale, and she never intended to sell the home when she purchased it. But the sizzling real estate market at the time made selling an irresistible option.

A single round bathroom with a circular bathtub, curved mirror, and rounded sink and countertop sits at the center of the living space. When Tapia owned the home, she created a more spacious effect and removed a wall to make a larger bedroom, taking it from a three- to two-bedroom abode. She had the raw cement floors covered with commercial-grade white-colored epoxy, creating a bright, grout-free reflective finish to bring in the light.

The main bedroom.

“Because the home is so unique, there aren’t any comps for it," Tapia says. A comp is realtor-speak for a comparable home in the vicinity earmarked for guiding listing prices.

The bathroom is round, too.

She adds that potential buyers who toured the home expected to see it full of her curated furniture collection, which was included in the first round of listing photos—but she took her beloved collection with her when she moved.

“I had to remind the people touring the home that they were buying the real estate, not the furniture," Tapia says. "But we went ahead and staged it to help them envision how it could be lived in. They need to see it in its natural state.” (Note that the furnishings pictured can be purchased separately.)

Fireplace seating area.

Main bedroom

The current real estate market has cooled since the house first sold early last year. Now homes are spending more days on the market, and there's an absence of multiple offers vying for the same home.

"Now, unless you're priced right, it won't move," Tapia says.

Still, she adds, "it's a rare gem and is worth what a buyer is willing to pay." 

Interested? Contact Sue Tapia of White Sands Realty Group at (941) 993-3919.

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