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For Sale: Beachy Cool on Holmes Beach

Our Real Estate Junkie takes us inside a Holmes Beach home that's on the market for $3.5 million.

By Robert Plunket April 19, 2016

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2907 F. Ave., Holmes Beach

It’s not cheap--$3,595,000 in fact—but this house up in Holmes Beach has just about everything you could want in a beach house. First of all, it is really on the beach, and a particularly beautiful stretch at that. Second, it’s not on busy Gulf Drive but tucked away about a block or so away from the noise and traffic. Hopefully, the waves will be the loudest sound you hear.

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It’s practically brand new (built in 2015) and the architectural style is more casual than luxurious. There is no attempt to look elegant or formal; everything reminds you of the good old days in Holmes Beach when it was a little beach town hardly anyone had heard of.

It’s really not all that big for such an expensive house, with 4 bedrooms, 4 and a half baths in approximately 2,300 square feet. It built up on pilings, in line with the zoning laws, and they’ve put the pool and spa under the house, so that they’re shaded.

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 Inside everything is very custom and high end. The floors are porcelain tile so it’s easy to get rid of the sand you’ll be tracking in. The bathrooms are particularly nice and everything is done in blues and green that perfectly match your million dollar view—sorry, make that $3.5 million--view.

2907 F. Ave., Holmes Beach is priced at $3,595,000. For more information call George DeSear of Island Investment Realty at (941) 725-7163.

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