Sarasota Real Estate: 1924 Lincoln Drive

By Robert Plunket July 10, 2012

This house just south of downtown (1924 Lincoln Drive) has been on the market for quite a while—several years, in fact—and I’ve never understood why. Could it be that there’s no pool? Or maybe it’s the fact that guests have to park on the street? Anyway, with a new realtor and a new price, maybe somebody will finally snap it up. It may look like just another Mediterranean Revival from the boom period, but tour the inside and you’ll find you’re not in the Mediterranean at all. It’s more like Germany or Austria. In fact, what it really reminds me of is Neuschwanstein, mad King Ludwig’s famous Bavarian castle.

Take the entrance hall, for example. It’s circular and probably thirty feet high. It must be an impossible space to furnish, but that’s what makes it so spectacular and castle-like. It’s perfect for staging sword fights. The other rooms on the ground floor carry out this Errol Flynn theme—they’re vast, beautifully paneled, with arched windows and doorways, and custom stone floors. There are several stone fireplaces, along with stained glass windows and lots of chandeliers.

The master bedroom is on the ground floor also. It suggests a very elegant European hotel room. It has its own foyer with fireplace, and a private theater. There are three more bedrooms upstairs, each with a bath, plus 2 half baths elsewhere. And with over 5,400 square feet, there’s a lot of room everywhere.

The house is set on a pie-shaped lot with street frontage on two sides and no real backyard. There are a lot of loggias and pretty garden areas, though. One of the things I find appealing about the house is that it has the feeling of a house in town, not out in the burbs. You can easily walk downtown, or over to Midtown Plaza.


This is a house I would have loved to have grown up in. It really does conjure up knights, Robin Hood, maybe even an evil queen or two. It’s extremely well-priced at $1,299,000. Call Stacy Haas-Goodwin at (941) 587-4359.


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