By Robert Plunket March 19, 2008

Buyers, listen up: A great Sarasota house could be yours.


By Robert Plunket


OK, guys, we have to get serious about helping Martie Lieberman sell the Cohen House. She has been a saint getting it saved and restored, but the perfect buyer has not yet been found, and that’s where we come in.


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What it is: one of the jewels of the Sarasota School of Architecture, built by Paul Rudolph in 1955. As far as modernism goes, it is one of the icons of the movement, famous all over the world.


Siesta Key's world-famous Cohen House.

Stats: 2,300 square feet. Two bedrooms, two baths. Enormous living room, complete with conversation pit. Large lot (27,000 square feet) right on Bayou Louise at the north end of Siesta, with a dock.


 Master bedroom

Local history: built by David and Eleene Cohen. He used to be the mayor; the Cohens were arts patrons and early supporters of the Florida West Coast Symphony. In fact, the living room was designed so that orchestral performances could be held there. You could say that Sarasota’s reputation as a cultural center began right in this room.

Living room


Who should buy this house: It’s perfect for a rich, sophisticated couple with exquisite, somewhat intellectual taste. It would also be ideal for a gay couple who want a winter home in a gay-friendly community (for more on this see our May issue). It would also make the ultimate bachelor pad for the coolest bachelor in town. You can just picture a Ferrari parked in front and his latest blonde sunbathing on the terrace.




Dining room

Price break: Marty tells me that just for Real Estate Junkie readers, she has a special price: $1.3 million. That’s down from the original price of $1.8 million. Even without its fame and beauty, that’s a great price for Siesta Key waterfront.

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