Skeeter Snacks Provides Tasty Nut-Free Treats for Kids

Skeeter Snacks provides nut-free treats for kids affected by food allergies.

By Megan McDonald October 22, 2013

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Nut-Free Munchies: Skeeter Snacks

Skeeter Snacks focuses on one of the most common (and increasingly so), most dangerous food allergies—peanuts and tree nuts—and eliminates them entirely from the production process. The protein in these allergens can produce a particularly nasty immune response. Skeeter Snacks are produced entirely in facilities that don’t handle anything containing nuts; the whole process, from cooking to packaging to transportation, is nut-free. In fact, there aren’t even nut products in the employee vending machines.

The company promotes a philosophy that is less about special products for certain children and more about tasty treats for all kids (that also happen to be safe for those with nut allergies). Available at

Quick Facts: Food Allergies in America

4% of adults have food allergies

8% of children have food allergies

0.6% of children had a peanut or tree nut allergy* in 1997

3.1% of children had a peanut or tree nut allergy* in 2013

* The most common children's food allergy, representing 38 percent of all cases. Only 20 percent of children with peanut allergies will grow out of their conditions. For more info: Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network,

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