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Sarasota Native and Olympic Silver Medalist Emma Weyant Has Launched a Swimwear Line

Weyant's collection with SwimOutlet and Sporti is based on her years of swimming experience.

By Heather Dunhill January 26, 2023

Olympian Emma Weyant in her swimwear collection with SwimOutlet and Sporti.

As if her past few years haven't been busy enough for her, Emma Weyant— a 2020 Olympic silver medalist and current University of Florida sophomore from Sarasota—recently launched a swimwear collaboration with SwimOutlet and Sporti called Sporti x Emma Weyant.

With an eye for feminine style coupled with her knowledge of performance and fit, Weyant’s collection embodies the power and spirit that she brings to the pool. The collection, for both women and children, comes in uplifting colors and prints—and there are fun accessories, too. 

We caught up with Weyant, 21, between classes to learn more about this super fun collection.

Let’s talk swimming. How did you know the sport was for you? 

"I am the first swimmer in my family, so I didn’t know much about the sport when I started. But ever since my first practice, I loved the feeling of working hard and being with my teammates.

"One of my favorite things about swimming is that you get out what you put in. Also, I look forward to setting new goals every season."

Weyant in a bikini from her collection.

Weyant in a bikini from her collection.

What was it like to be invited to join Team USA?

"I had my first travel meet with Team USA when I was 16, in Fiji. I will never forget the feeling of getting my first American flag cap, and that I got to be a part of the culture of the team.

"That meet motivated me to continue being a part of Team USA and achieve my ultimate goal of qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics team. Making my first Olympics was one the most memorable moments of my career—and getting to bring home a silver medal to my family and friends was so special. I would’ve never gotten there without them."

SwimOutlet's Sporti x Emma Weyant's swimwear collection for girls.

Congrats on your collaboration with SwimOutlet and Sporti! Did you have creative input? What inspired the line? 

"Collaborating with SwimOutlet and Sporti was a dream come true. It was a full circle moment for me since I grew up wearing Sporti suits. It was surreal—not only designing my own line, but then seeing young girls wearing them.

"Throughout the creative process, I worked closely with Sporti’s head of design to create a line that represented all the things I love: Sarasota, Taylor Swift and all things pink. This line brings a delicate, floral, and dreamy touch to the sport of swimming. And I hope it can inspire young girls to get into swimming, which has given me so much."

As an athlete, fabric is important to performance. How did that factor in? 

"Fabric is crucial to performance—and being a swimmer, it means even more. The long hours spent in the pool require durable, long-lasting fabrics that hold their color and vibrancy through many seasons. The suits I designed with Sporti do just that."

SwimOutlet and Sporti x Emma Weyant collection. 

What advice do you have for young girls who want to achieve what you have?

"My biggest piece of advice would be to trust the process and learn to love the little things in your daily routines. Achieving your goals is amazing, but it’s the things that you learn along the way that get you there. It’s also important to trust in yourself and know that no goal or dream is too big, no matter what anyone tells you. Keep dreaming big and working hard and your wildest dreams might just come true."

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