What's Cooler Than Being Cool? Ice Cold!

The Best Beach Coolers of 2023

Stow beer, wine and your Pub subs in one of these bad boys for the perfect Sarasota beach day.

By Allison Forsyth July 21, 2022

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A trip to one of our gorgeous beaches wouldn't be complete without snacks and crisp, cold beverages. Here's our list of the best, coldest coolers, guaranteed to keep your local beer, Publix subs and even ice cream fresh all day long.

icemule traveler 25L

The Icemule Traveler 25L

The Icemule Traveler 25L, Icemule Spacious


Swimcity, 4526 McAshton St., Sarasota, (800) 210-6221

Find this spacious cooler, made by St. Augustine-based company Icemule, at Swimcity in downtown Sarasota. The insulated, 100 percent waterproof cooler keeps your goods cool for over 48 hours. The side and shoulder straps also make it easy to wear as a backpack as you're lugging it out to the perfect beach spot.

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Yeti Tundra 35 Hard Cooler

Yeti Tundra 35 Hard Cooler.

Image: yeti.com

Tundra 35 Hard Cooler, YETI  Durable


Dick's Sporting Goods, 181 N. Cattlemen Road, Sarasota, (941) 296-7042

The YETI hard cooler is a classic for a reason. It's the width of 21 beer cans and comes in seven different sizes—from 35 to 160—with three inches of PermaFrost insulation to keep things cool on your adventure. It fits perfectly in an inner tube, making it an excellent choice for traversing small Gulf coast waves, flowing rivers and lakes, or your boat.

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Hydroflask 20L Insulated Tote​

Hydroflask 20L Insulated Tote

Image: Hydroflask

20-Liter Insulated Tote, Hydroflask Stylish


Environeers, 5373 Fruitville Road, Sarasota, (941) 371-6208

Head out to the beach in style with this insulated tote from Hydroflask. It keeps food cool for up to four hours while stowing other beach necessities like sunscreen, hats and sunglasses in its waterproof side pockets. The lightweight design makes it easy to carry;  pliable fabric is simpl to fold away when not in use. This model also comes in an eight- and 35-liter size.

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Chiller 60-Quart Cooler with Wheels.

Chiller 60-Quart Cooler with Wheels.

Image: coleman.com

Chiller 60-Quart Cooler, Coleman Roller


Target, 101 N. Cattlemen Road, Sarasota, (941) 360-7520; 5350 Fruitville Road, Sarasota, (941) 379-6660

If you don't want to carry one more thing out to the sand, trying rolling out this cute cooler from Coleman. It has a retractable handle and recessed wheels, which are perfect for portability, and it can carry up to 47 cans and 30 lbs. of ice, meaning you can stock up on food and drink for the entire beach party.

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The Chill by Bespoke Post

The Daytripper Cooler Bag by Bespoke Post.

Daytripper Cooler Bag, Bespoke Post Accessories



A cooler that looks like an old school lunchbox—with a bottle opener?! Sign us up. This sleek, 22-liter Daytripper cooler can hold eight bottles of wine or 24 cans of beer, along with barbecue or picnic essentials. The waterproof outer vinyl comes with two zip pockets for corkscrews and a complimentary bottle opener sheath.

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The Icemule Jaunt 9L

The Icemule Jaunt 9L.

The Jaunt 9L Cooler Backpack, Icemule Portable


swimcity, 4526 McAshton St., Sarasota, (800) 210-6221

This nine-liter cooler backpack by Icemule is small but mighty. It keeps food and drinks cold for up to 24 hours and can fit nine 12-ounce cans in one pouch. The functional design is also fun, and it comes in a variety of patterns and colors. And if the 9 liter size isn't big enough, you can buy it in sizes up to to 23 liters. Buy it online or at Swimcity in downtown Sarasota.

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Igloo Kool Tunes Cooler.

Igloo Kool Tunes Cooler.

KoolTunes Playmate, Igloo For Fun



A cooler that serves cool drinks and cool tunes is what beach day dreams are made of. This Playmate cooler by Igloo has a bluetooth speaker, so you can connect your phone to it and play music while keeping your food and drink cold. The 1989-inspired model has the classic swivel lid—perfect for quick access beach or pool-side—a durable exterior, and Thermecool foam insulation, which can keep up to 26 cans cool all day long. Plus, it just looks cool.

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