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Stay Cool With These Delicious Frozen Treats

Chill out with locally made gelato, ice cream, popsicles, Italian ices and more.

By Allison Forsyth

It's been sweltering for weeks already, but summer doesn't even officially start until this Saturday, June 20. As temperatures rise even higher in the weeks and months to come, you will surely be looking for ways to cool off. Here are eight delicious frozen treats that will have you chillaxing all summer long.

Water Ice Cups from Q&S Kool Cups

Enjoy a vibrant Italian ice from the Q&S Kool Cups truck, which travels around Sarasota neighborhoods. It's more than just a snow cone. It's smoother, fat-free and comes in a variety of delicious flavors like cherry, strawberry, mango and banana Daiquiri. To track down this truck, call (941) 465-9767.

Shaved Snow from Vampire Penguin

Like shaved ice or Japanese kakigōri, the light, fluffy dessert is a low-sugar, often dairy-free alternative to ice cream. There’s a rotating selection of flavors that include everything from the classics—chocolate, strawberry and vanilla—to whimsical choices such as pineapple, Thai tea and cotton candy. Toppings include syrups, fresh fruit, boba, marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs and whipped cream. Call (941) 923-8155 for more info.

Craft Popsicles From Pop Craft

Stop into Pop Craft's new location at 4515 Northgate Court, Sarasota, for a gourmet popsicle experience. The flavors incorporate fresh fruits, herbs and spices to make one-of-a-kind tastes. Choose from blackberry mango, blueberry lemon basil or Mexican chocolate. Call (941) 706-3231 for more info.

SorBabes Sorbet

Thanks to Sarasota resident and Sorbabes co-founder Nicole Cardone, a variety of SorBabes bars can be found through the company's online delivery. A twist on classic sorbet, flavors include wildberry crisp, strawberry crisp, mango coconut crunch and vanilla caramel crunch. New flavors are featured every year. If you are craving ice cream, but want dairy-free, vegan and guilt-free options, SorBabes is a great choice.

Gelato From Gelato-Go

Treat yourself to a decadent Italian gelato from Gelato-Go in downtown Sarasota or University Town Center. Choose from more than 20 specialty flavors like strawberry, tiramisù, mascarpone or Amarena cherry. Mix and match flavors or take home a 16-ounce container if you can't decide. Located at 14 S. Orange Ave., Sarasota, and 140 University Town Center Drive, Sarasota. Call (941) 444-7051 for more info.

Ice Cream From Big Olaf

Big Olaf sells its pints and half gallons of hand-mixed and -churned ice cream at local grocery stores and creameries throughout the area. Flavors, created in batch freezers by local Amish makers, range from classics like cookie dough and chocolate to black raspberry or maple walnut. Find a full list of shops here. Call (941) 365-7483 for more info.

Shaved Ice From Kona Ice

The Kona Ice truck makes its rounds through communities in Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch, serving a healthy and thirst-quenching alternative to regular shaved ice. Kona's ice is smoother, and the Flavor Wave flavor dispenser offers blue raspberry, cherry, pineapple or a two-flavor twist. Gluten and allergy-free options available. To find the truck, click here or call (941) 685-2881.

Ice Cream From Orange Octopus

Enjoy a malt, milkshake or two-scoop ice cream cone from Orange Octopus Ice Cream on Siesta Key. Order online or in-person, with takeout-style cups, cones and candy toppings. Or take home a pint of delicious flavors like orange squeeze, vanilla or chocolate. Located at 1220 Old Stickney Point Road, Sarasota. Call (941) 346-0202 for more info.

Boozy Popsicles From The Chill Mobile

The Chill Mobile is ready to serve you a frozen mojito...on a stick. Enjoy Sunset Chill Booz Popsicle flavors like strawberry margarita, piña colada, blue raspberry and classic mojito. And while you're enjoying a treat, order novelty ice cream, Pop Craft popsicles or chocolate sundaes for the kids. To book the truck for a private party or other function, call (941) 260-9818.

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