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Best Gifts for the Over-65 Sarasotan

These gifts will be the perfect surprise for the Sarasotan that is over 65 in your life.

By Elizabeth Djinis April 12, 2022

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Sarasota may no longer be just a haven for retirees, but retirees still very much dominate the region’s landscape. What older person wouldn't love the warmer climes and the laid-back lifestyle?

Whether or not you’re over the age of 65 yourself, you likely know someone who lives in Sarasota who is. This gift guide will help you surprise them with treats that are right up their alley.

Paper Source Tiny Delights Thank You Card Set

Paper Source Tiny Delights Thank You Card Set.

Image: Paper Source

Thank You Card Set from Paper Source Local


140 University Town Center Drive, Store 149, Sarasota, (941) 271-0012

If you’ve ever been lectured by an older relative about the art of writing thank you notes, then you know how much prior generations love their stationery. The next time they lecture you, stop them in their tracks with a little gift. This thank you card set ($18.95) features cheerful images of strawberries, popcorn and palm trees to remind us all that life is just a series of, well, tiny delights. And your family members will never forget this rejoinder:  “If you love writing thank you notes so much, Grandma, why don’t you use these?”

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Salty Dog Records

Salty Dog Records.

Gift Card from Salty Dog Records Local

6565 Gateway Ave., Sarasota, (608) 751-4814

Hipsters have turned records into a status symbol of their own, but the reality is that records were around long before their birth. Sarasota’s own Salty Dog Records has a wonderful collection of LPs from both new and vintage acts. If you’re not quite sure whether to go modern or nostalgic, consider buying Grandpa a gift card so he can make his own selection.

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Madama Butterfly at Sarasota Opera House

Madama Butterfly at Sarasota Opera House.

Thursday Night Package from Sarasota Opera House Local


 61 N Pineapple Ave., Sarasota, (941) 328-1300

While retirees probably have less time on their hands than people imagine, it is a truth universally acknowledged that many of Sarasota’s over-65-year-olds love to partake in the arts. What better way to do that than with a Thursday night package of three performances at the Sarasota Opera? 2023’s season boasts classics like Puccini’s Madama Butterfly, Mozart’s Don Giovanni and Verdi’s Ernani. Package tickets vary from $58 to $382 based on seating.

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Image: Shutterstock

A Round of Golf at University Park Country Club Local


7671 The Park Blvd., University Park, (941) 355-3888

Without a membership to a golf club, a round of golf can be hard to come by in Sarasota. Rumors of the sport’s demise may be exaggerated, as the over-65-set still quite enjoys a day out on the green. If you want to indulge your relative or friend with a round of golf, consider a gift card to University Park’s golf club. Current rates are $139 before 1 p.m., $119 after 1 p.m. and $99 after 3 p.m., but those change seasonally.

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E-Bikes and Cycles Magnum Cosmo X electric bike.

E-Bikes and Cycles Magnum Cosmo X electric bike.

Magnum Cosmo X Electric Bike at E-Bikes and Cycles Local


423 Suwanee Ave., Sarasota, (941) 531-2453

This is by far the priciest item on our list but it’s a gift we know the recipient will never forget. The Magnum Cosmo X electric bike ($2,199) will let your relative cruise the Legacy Trail in style, leaving non-electric riders in their dust. Sellers say this bike is great “for both errands or a relaxing bike ride.” No more huffing on a long-distance bike trek.

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