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Five Last-Minute Pop Culture-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Are Easy to Pull Together

Halloween is just five days away—need an idea for a costume? We're here to help.

By Dedriana Perry October 26, 2021

Britney's signature early-aughts style is easy to replicate.

If you're a little behind in Pop Culture 101, these costumes will score you an A+ at your Halloween party and have everyone talking.

Bernie Sanders

Sanders' windbreaker and mittens combo sparked an Internet sensation during the inauguration in January. Within hours, edits of Sanders appeared in stills from television and film favorites and on T-shirts and stickers, to name just a few.

What you'll need: A foldable chair, because, like Sanders, you're ready for the party to be over, plus a windbreaker, mittens and a blue surgical mask.

Berries and Cream


14 years later... #berriesandcream 🫐🍓🍦

♬ original sound - Holly Auna (she/her)

If you’re on TikTok or used to spend hours on YouTube circa 2007, you’ll remember when this Starburst commercial went viral—now it has found its way to a new generation.

What you'll need: A bob hairstyle, a white collared shirt, a green vest, white knee-high socks, a sleeve of Starbursts and your best English accent.

Britney Spears


She performed with live animals at MTV's 2001 VMAs, just before interviewing Lakewood Ranch's very own Mick Jagger. While her iconic performances are possible to emulate, we say stick to the basic and recreate Spears' infamous early-2000s street style.

What you'll need: A graphic T-shirt or tank with a witty one-liner, a denim mini-skirt, flip flops, a baguette bag and sunglasses—the bigger the better.

Kanye West

Since the release of Donda, West, now legally known as Ye, has been spotted rocking some unsettling face coverings lately. While building anticipation for his album, he wore black ski masks, but he’s taken the look to a new extreme just in time for spooky season.

What you'll need: A black monochromatic outfit consisting of an oversized hoodie, cargo pants or sweatpants, combat boots or chunky sneakers, and a creepy mask, so everyone will know you're a "Monster."

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly


This duo recently made headlines for their GQ cover, leaving fans wondering just exactly what “I am weed" means, which Kelly was quoted as saying in GQ’s Couples Quiz. Known for their wild red-carpet moments, down to matching tattoos and nail art, there are an array of ways to nail this costume.

What both need: Black leather pants, graphic T-shirts, matching manicures and temporary tattoos. Fox's outfit pairs best with high heels, while Kelly opts for combat boots.

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