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We Tried It: Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is like a perm for your eyebrows. (Spoiler alert: we love it.)

By Sarafina Murphy-Gibson December 19, 2019

Eyebrow lamination is like a perm for your brows.

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If eyes are the window to the soul, then eyebrows must be the curtains. They can easily convey emotion (after all, how much can be said with one arched brow?) and, for many, making sure their brows look perfect is a beauty-routine must.

Iveta Mesarosova, owner of Beauty by Iveta, a salon that offers brow services in addition to skincare and makeup application, has a keen understanding of the power of the brow. Mesarosova recently began offering a new treatment known as “brow lamination” and kindly offered yours truly—a brow enthusiast—the opportunity to give it a try.

Brow lamination is more or less a perm for your eyebrows. The process softens and straightens the eyebrow's tiny hairs, lending them a fuller, feathered appearance. Ideal candidates are women who have a decent amount of hair to work with and want a naturally more robust brow—or those who find themselves wanting control over an unruly brow (as opposed to plucking those stubborn curly hairs). Mesarosova says the trend was picked up among European models before making its way stateside, and has become a pain-free alternative to the more permanent micro-blading. Beauty by Iveta is among the first salons in the Sarasota area that offers the service.

Beauty By Iveta

Leading up to the experience, I wasn't sure what to expect—I haven't spent much time in salons other than to get my hair cut. However, walking into Mesarosova's studio immediately put me at ease. Since opening three years ago, she has worked to create an oasis in which women can feel pampered. Currently decked out in holiday cheer, the shop's silver, white and gray decor creates a soothing environment. There's a little coffee bar and a shelf displaying products, and the large second-story windows flood the shop with natural light.

Fascinated with beauty her whole life, Mesarosova honed her craft climbing the ranks at MAC Cosmetics before opening her own spa. She says a favorite part of her work is seeing the looks on women's faces after a visit, and she frequently shares her transformations on Instagram. She's found that helping people regain a piece of confidence is a huge reward for the services she provides. “I love it when I get a text from a client saying how beautiful I've helped them feel," she says.

My eyebrows before (top) and after (bottom) brow lamination.

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Mesarosova calls her brow lamination procedure a “lunch break pick-me-up,” explaining that the process typically takes about 30 minutes to an hour to complete, depending on the type of brow she's working on. After laying down on the cushy micro-foam bed, the first step is to apply a relaxer to the brow hairs, which help straighten them and makes them easier to manage. It's followed by a neutralizer, which re-structures and texturizes the hair. During each, your brows are sealed in plastic wrap, and the treatments are left on for five to 15 minutes.

After the perming process, Mesarosova carefully shaped and tinted my brows. After a brow razor is used to clean up the edges and give them shape, she uses calipers to measure and carefully apply color, ensuring evenly matched, perfectly sculpted arches. After the tint, a final sealant was applied to help set the treatment. I must admit to having a Hollywood starlet moment the first time I looked in the mirror when she was done. I felt like Kim Novak in Vertigo. Brows on point.


Following my brow lamination, I had to abstain from getting my eyebrows wet for 24 hours and treat them twice daily with a drop of moisturizing oil to keep them from getting dry. The effects will last for approximately 10 weeks. Eight days in, I'm still pleased with the results. I loved the way Mesarosova shaped my brows, as well as the pointers she offered for making them look even. The whole experience was a treat for someone who isn't used to salon pampering, and the service's benefits are readily apparent. While I may still wake up with bed-head, these days my brows are always good to go.

Beauty By Iveta is located at 2716 Fruitville Road. Visit the website or make reservations by calling (941) 400-8235. 

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