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Two Locals Launch a Clean Skincare Line That’s Sure to Gain a Cult Following

Jackie Rogers and Natasha Crow haved launched their passion project, House of Hilt Skincare, using the highest-quality botanical ingredients.

By Heather Dunhill September 23, 2019

House of Hilt co-founders Jackie Rogers and Natasha Crow.

When Sarasotans Jackie Rogers and Natasha Crow joined forces to launch a clean skincare line, they agreed to four guiding principles: honesty, integrity, loyalty and trust. The result: House of Hilt, a handcrafted, made-in-Sarasota line of plant-based, toxin-free, filler-free skincare—nine products in all.

House of Hilt skincare. 

The pair have sourced the high-quality botanical ingredients from the most transparent, reputable sources they can find on the planet. This is clear from the moment you dip a fingertip into any one of the classically clean glass jars.

The lush lotions, potions, and tinctures are charged with fresh scents and are all luxe to the touch. They just beg to be sampled; so much so that I find myself looking forward to my morning and evening cleansing and hydrating regimen. A particular favorite product is the Herbal Mint Cleanser. It is entirely refreshing and soothing—the way my skin has always wanted to feel after a cleanse. And what's more, each product layers beautifully with the others.

House of Hilt's Ocean Berry Gommage, a three-in-one cleanser, exfoliant and mask.

Clearly, I'm a House of Hilt fan—and a fan of the lovely Jackie and Natasha. I'm sure you will be, too, after getting to know them here. By the way, if you want to give the fabulous minty-fresh cleanser—or any of the products—a go, you can find them at HouseofHilt.com.

What industry did each of you “pivot” from to create House of Hilt?

I have a marketing and sales background with expertise in branding and brand development. I have worked in both the food and fashion industries. Natasha is a licensed aesthetician and has been working in the spa industry for 15 years; she owns her own spa in Sarasota. 

Amber Primrose Facial Oil

Tell us what it’s like to create a skincare line from zero, and what advice would you give to women launching a business.

As any entrepreneur knows, starting a business is hard work and countless hours. However, for us, it has the element of excitement, especially when we hear from our customers that our products are changing their skin and helping them feel more confident. Those are the moments that are most satisfying and make it all worthwhile.

Starting a business has its challenges, and we were faced with many. Our advice would be don’t give up and find a way to overcome whatever you are faced with.  Sometimes if you step back and look for a different approach, the answer presents itself.

How did you land on the name?

When Natasha and I were writing our business plan, we were writing the ideals we felt represented us and our mission: to be honest, have integrity, remain loyal to using the highest-quality ingredients, and always respect the relationship and trust we have built with our customers. I looked at the list and "hilt" appeared. When we are faced with a dilemma or need to solve a problem, we remind ourselves “to the hilt!,” and it immediately resets our thought process. 

Carrot Citrus Cleanser

Tell us about the “filler-free” brand philosophy. It always sounds like what we want, but why do we want it? 

When we set out to create House of Hilt we knew that we wanted our products to be plant-based and nontoxic, but also free of fillers. A filler is anything in your product that helps fill space in a jar, binds a product, and thickens or preserves a product so it can have a longer shelf life, but doesn’t actually provide any skincare benefits. Our mission is to create a positive change in your skin and because our botanical blends are not suspended in fillers, they are able to penetrate the skin on the dermal level, where change is created.   

Who do you admire in the industry?

We admire companies that have been paving the way for clean beauty labels and staying true to their core beliefs, making safe and effective products while protecting the environment.

Is there an influencer or celebrity who imparted beauty wisdom to each of you?

Our mothers were our strongest influencers when it comes to beauty, fashion and the notion of taking care of yourself and looking your best. Natasha has always admired Princess Diana for her confidence, elegance and warm smile and I have always admired Jackie Kennedy for her grace, style and love of the arts.

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