What's in Her Bag: Pure Barre Owner Lindsay Peirce

Peirce owns two Pure Barre studios and co-owns the swim brand Kay & Elle. She gave us a peek inside her bag so we could see what this girl boss can't live without.

By Hanna Powers August 16, 2019

Lindsay Peirce and her bag

Lindsay Peirce is busy, busy. Part of a new generation of active and engaged female entrepreneurs, she is simply not willing to miss out on anything that life has to offer. To do that, she relies on a literal bag of tricks to get her from one task to the next.

Peirce grew up in Bradenton and now owns two successful Pure Barre locations (the popular boutique fitness class), one here in Sarasota and one in Birmingham, Alabama, where she went to college. She also co-founded the swimsuit brand Kay & Elle with her college friend Kady Decker. She often travels back and forth from Sarasota to Birmingham and hosts pop-up shops for her growing swim brand, while also teaching early morning classes at her Barre studios.

To manage all that, she keeps her Louis Vuitton bag well stocked. “I keep an endless supply of scrunchies and hair ties in my bag, enough for if everyone in the entire studio needed one," Peirce says. "And plenty of snacks: carrot sticks, bell peppers, applesauce. I always have something to snack on with me."

Other favorite bag items include kombucha. "I try to only have one coffee or caffeinated drink a day," she says. She also keeps all her receipts tucked away in a folder. "I have to keep every single receipt for my three businesses separate!" she says.

For makeup, Peirce says that bronzer and lip gloss go a long way when she is pressed for time. "Bobbi Brown makes my all-time favorite bronzer," she says. "It lives in my bag." Wipes and a stain pen round out her bag.

A peek inside Peirce's bag shows us what this girl boss can't live without

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