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Paris Bean, Co-Owner of the Green Bean Coffee House, Shares Her Clean Beauty Routine

Bean, who grew up in Maine, is a fan of natural beauty and DIY products.

By Heather Dunhill August 31, 2018

Paris Bean

Meet Paris Bean, co-owner of the Green Bean Coffee House and mommy-to-be. Hailing from Maine, this third-generation artist grew up in front of a camera modeling or behind a canvas painting. A self-declared "free range kid,” she grew up playing in the woods and attending a small Montessori school on Coonamessett Farm where, she says with a grin, "For math class we got to build a boat!"  Bean adds that she was raised with a lot of love and taught from an early age to respect and be kind to all living people and things. 

More than a decade ago, Paris settled into our fair city, bringing her sunshiny attitude and artful talents along with her. Today you can see much of Paris' artwork in the Green Bean Café, which draws many other creatives from Ringling College of Art and Design into her world.  

Here, get to know Paris from the inside out—she’s sharing her natural beauty tips, from home remedies to drugstore finds.   

Describe your morning makeup routine.

My mornings are natural and simple. My morning makeup is a very natural look: light mascara and a little bit of concealer under my eyes and on my chin/T-zone—both Maybelline. If I have any blemishes, I use an Elf powder. I never put anything on my cheeks; I love a natural blush. Lastly, my favorite lipstick is Revlon's Iced Mocha.  

What did your mother/mother-figure teach you about beauty?

My Gamgam [grandmother] is my spiritual mother. My favorite of her quotes is, “Don’t let anyone treat you like a paper plate, you are fine china” and “always be authentic to your truth.” I remember her telling me this when I needed healing and to remember my self-worth in my younger years. My other feel-good Gamgam advice is “sit still, close your eyes, and feel life!”

How do you nourish your beauty from the inside?

Meditation and yoga have been a giant blessing to my journey in this world. I am able to truly connect with my soul and Mother Earth. When I am vibrating at my highest, fully connected and my chakras are aligned, I am truly glowing. 

Any treatment that you outsource?

I treat myself to in-home prenatal massages.

How about your nighttime skincare ritual?

I love my evening skincare routine. I make my own facial scrubs with organic ingredients and essential oils; it’s very calming and relaxing. Lavender is my jam for evenings. Here's one of my go-to recipes: honey, lavender oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, green tea leaves and pure cane sugar. Then just blend the amounts to your liking.  

Do you have a signature scent and what do you love about it?

Rose oil is my favorite! It’s always in my hair for a long lasting scent that fills the air with love. I love how calming it is; it truly makes you feel the love. 

What is the biggest beauty blunder most people make?

That women buy brand names for mascara while Maybelline does the same job for way less. There are lot of smaller companies—Elf being my favorite—whose prices range from $2-$7, and the coverage and quality is better than the ones that are super expensive. As women we are tricked into thinking we need to spend hundreds of dollars on our makeup. It's sad.

More women should….

More women should enhance their natural features, and work on their inner beauty—it truly shines through your skin and gives this wonderful glow that makeup could never do!


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