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Love Shoes, But Fallen Out with Those Name-Brand Stilettos in Your Closet? There's an App for That!

Here's your chance to be an early adopter—this luxury shoe resale app just launched this week! No consignment fees and, membership is free for a limited time.

By Heather Dunhill July 20, 2018

OK, Sarasota. I haven't seen all of your wardrobes personally, but I've taken note of your taste in shoes and I have something for your radar. The Luxury Shoe Club just lunched an app that's being called the next-generation in shoe trading.  So, if you love shoes and have a few you no longer feel the love for (no worries, it happens to everyone), you may have an interest in a completely new way to buy and sell pre-owned luxury shoes. Here's how it works.

LSC works on a Club Point system for shoe trading, so no consignment fees. Members buy and sell shoes using points instead of cash. Each Club Point is valued at one U.S. dollar. When a member lists a pair of shoes for sale, LSC uses its proprietary pricing algorithm to determine the shoe’s fair market resale value, then instantly pays up to 50 percent of that value to the listing member, which allows you to get shopping prior to the shoes' sale. The remaining amount is paid once the shoes are bought. 

LSC also offers personalized shopping, express shipping, free shipping boxes, at-home pickup and a seven-day return policy. 

And bonus! In honor of the launch, for a limited-time only, Luxury Shoe Club is waiving its annual membership fee and offering free memberships to members who list shoes within seven days of joining. There are three membership levels to choose from: Intrigued ($49/year), Passionate ($99/year), or Obsessed ($149/year). Depending on the membership level, benefits include bonus Club Points for shopping, savings on Club Point purchases, discounts on shoe repair and polishing, free shipping boxes, and free shipping for shoe purchases.

All right—keep me posted, and please share your experiences. Can't wait to hear!  

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