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Former Model Lynn Barrie Shares Her Beauty Routine

Sarasota beauty Lynn Barrie shares beauty tips, insight from her years as a model, and some great advice from her mom.

By Heather Dunhill June 28, 2018

Lynn Barrie

The perennially optimistic and coolly self-assured Lynn Barrie is always up for fun—especially if it includes friends and family, whom she calls her "tribe." “My husband Richie and my friends mean every thing to me,” she says. And whether she's sipping a spot of English tea (she's a Brit) or a glass of Champers (as she adoringly refers to her beverage of choice), one thing is sure: Barrie loves her life. 

Having spent that life traveling the globe, from England to Africa to Pakistan, Barrie is a woman of the world—and she credits those experiences with shaping her views. A former model (she's that famous blonde in the Winston Cigarette ads from the mid-'70s), she has also dabbled in design projects, but her children are what make her life full. All proof that beauty comes from within—and this beauty has certainly aged gracefully. So well, in fact, that we asked her to spill her beauty philosophy. Read on for more. 

Describe your morning makeup routine.

My makeup routine is the same whether I'm just hanging out or going to a black tie event. I have eyelash extensions, so I do a quick line under my eyes and a swipe of mascara on my lower lashes only. In the summer, I don’t wear foundation (I am a sweaty Betty!). I just cover the "naughty bits" and dark circles with concealer. Add a matte lipstick with lip liner and I am out the door! 

What did your mother/mother-figure teach you about beauty?

To put your best face forward every day, and that less is more. She always said a pretty face will help open the door, but once you're in, it’s up to your personality and intelligence to separate yourself from other pretty girls.

How do you nourish your beauty from the inside?

I lead a healthy lifestyle, for sure, but I really think it’s living life to the fullest and being involved that makes you sparkle.  I surround myself with a lot of young people. They will keep you on track for sure—especially my daughter Zara, my best critic! 

Any treatment that you outsource?

I just started a series of micro-needling, so we'll see how that goes! I also bought a couple of  home skin gadgets: a microdermabrasion and microcurrent system, and a neck thing (damn that neck! All us aging beauty queens can relate.) My girlfriend and I have our own mini spa days, which include lots of Champagne! My advice: just do the little things, and don’t overdo them.

How about your nighttime skincare ritual?

I cleanse with my Clarisonic brush and use prescription Retinol. Put on a sexy nightie, and there you have it! 

Do you have a signature scent and what do you love about it?

My husband was in the fragrance business, so he constantly surprises me with these amazing fragrances. He is always sniffing me!  My current favorite is Bleu de Chanel. It’s for men, but I think it’s sensational.

What is the biggest beauty blunder people make?

Wearing too much foundation when you are older. I also recommend keeping your hair simple and young-looking. I have a have a Keratin treatment—it works wonders!  

More women should...

Relax and enjoy the moment. This is not a dress rehearsal. We get one shot—go for it!

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