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Sneak Peek: HATCH's Spring 2018 Maternity Collection

"It’s important for women to know that they can look and feel their best despite their bodies changing. You don’t have to give up your personal style."

By Heather Dunhill May 25, 2018

In 2011, Ariane Goldman, a mother of two, founded the maternity line HATCH. As with most brilliant ideas, it was born of necessity: there was a void in the maternity market for chic and elevated clothing for every stage of pregnancy.  With a career working on Wall Street behind her and experience as a founder of a bridal clothing company, Goldman forged ahead with a simple idea—getting dressed when you're expecting should be simple and fun. The collections are designed to make each moment enjoyable.

I caught up with Goldman to learn more about how HATCH became a premier destination for the chic and stylish woman's needs at every stage of her pregnancy; plus, you'll get a peek at the spring line throughout. 

Ariane Goldman

Image: Courtesy HATCH 

How was HATCH born?

I was newly pregnant in 2010 and frustrated by the lack of stylish clothing options in the maternity market. Following the birth of my daughter Charlie, I launched HATCH to serve as a resource for women who want to feel beauty, confidence and style during one of life’s most rewarding yet also most challenging periods. When I was pregnant there was no one speaking to me, so I wanted to start the conversation.

Today, the conversation is so much bigger. We’ve built a community of women who not only want to invest in pieces for themselves, but ask questions, meet each other, and learn about products that are good for them and that can nourish them in the moment.

How do you design for every stage of pregnancy?

Motherhood requires all hands on deck, and usually results in less time for ourselves emotionally and physically. I want to design for women whose bodies are changing and who don’t know where to turn; for women who are busy and need a one-and-done solution for throwing something on that feels good and can be worn day into night. 

You seem to have your finger unerringly on the pulse of what every expecting woman wants. How do you do that season after season?

I’m inspired by what is happening in the present, and the mood that we are in as a culture—what women are feeling, what trends they want to dabble in and what colors they yearn for. It’s advantageous that HATCH pieces are predominantly seasonless and transitional, so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel each season. We can take the winning silhouettes and refabricate them in new prints and colors we feel are modern and fresh, while hitting the needs of changing bodies.  

Image: Courtesy HATCH 

What inspired the Spring 2018 collection?

Our pieces are designed to feel effortless and fun. The Spring 2018 collection, like all of our pieces, is culled from favorites in our own closets that have been wardrobe staples through thick and thin. There’s something refreshing about dressing in soft floral prints and fresh colors for spring—I love how feminine and chic they are. Of course, everything we design is solution-driven and and will flatter your body, no matter the stage of life you're in—pregnant, or not.

What advice would you give to an expecting mama about nine months of wardrobe needs?

I believe pieces with drape offer beautiful lines, as well as room to grow so that you’re not limited by size. During the first two trimesters, I usually recommend larger shapes that offer ease, then for the third trimester I see women wanting to tighten up and wear more fitted pieces. Don’t be afraid to be chic and fashion-forward with your pregnancy wardrobe. It’s important for women to know that they can look and feel their best despite their bodies changing. You don’t have to give up your personal style.

Image: Courtesy HATCH 

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