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Actor, Singer, Author and Corporate Trainer Jules Price Talks Beauty

The talented, red-headed beauty shares the secret to her feminine, natural look.

By Heather Dunhill January 26, 2018

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Jules Price

Jules Price grew up outside of Washington, D.C.,  received a bachelor’s degree in psychology and music from Connecticut College, then moved to New York City to pursue her passion for singing and theater. She performed professionally for 15 years in musicals and operettas, including throughout the U.S., Canada and Korea for national and international tour of The Sound of Music as Maria. (She then understudied Marie Osmond in the role through Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.) And she still performs all over the world with the New York City Ballet as a principal singer in West Side Story Suites.

In 2006, Jules relocated to Sarasota with her talented husband Jeremy, chef/owner of Innovative Dining, a boutique private dining and catering company.  It was here that she was first introduced to greeting card and gift company Send Out Cards. Even with no previous background in the gift industry, Jules instantly saw the value of the business tool and the exciting opportunity it presented.  She moved forward with focus, enthusiasm and a desire to help and support others, and she's now a senior executive at Send Out Cards, as well as a corporate trainer, top 10 income earner and the author of the book Secrets from the SOC Drawer. She's truly passionate about helping others to “listen to life” and achieve success.

And of course, this red-headed beauty always looks fabulous, too. I asked her to tell us her secrets.

Describe your morning makeup routine.

I don’t tend to wear very much makeup on a daily basis.  First, I put on a tinted moisturizing mineral sunscreen made by Tizo that nicely evens out my skin.  Next I use a brush to spread on a dusting of powder foundation by Chanel that also has SPF in it, but I like how it gets rid of any shine.  I brush a light bronzer on my cheeks, and then a little bit of clear or slightly pink lipgloss, and I’m good to go!  I do like lipstick on other people but it doesn’t look right on me—somehow I look like I’m a little girl playing dress-up.  For years and years, my No. 1 makeup accessory that I wouldn’t leave the house without was mascara, but now that I have eyelash extensions, I no longer wear any at all, which I love. Now my whole morning process only takes me a few minutes.

What did your mother/mother-figure teach you about beauty?

My mother (though an awesome mom!) was the last person to ever teach me anything about beauty.  She still, to this day, has never gotten a manicure, and only had her very first pedicure when I made her do it with me last year. And she's had the same hairdo since before I was born.  Truth be told, I also strongly blame her for the fact that she never told me that unibrows were “optional,” and I think I would have had a lot more fun in school if someone had kindly clued me in on that little beauty secret. She thinks I’m a bit of an alien in that I get my hair done, nails, facials, lashes, massages and other things that I deem pretty darned normal!  But it’s probably one of the reasons why my beauty routine overall is still more low-key than most, and I like to err on the side of “natural” beauty.

How do you nourish your beauty from the inside?

My entire business and life is centered around positivity, appreciation and kindness, so I truly believe this is the key to inner beauty and peace. Every single day you create beauty with your attitude, your behavior and your actions.  On a daily basis, I’m struck by how so many women’s self-talk stems from a negative place.  Positive self-forgiveness, self-acceptance and self-love are all powerful tools to help you switch on your inner glow.  I look for ways every day to add value to other people’s lives and be a light and a mirror to help them see the best things in themselves. 

Any treatment that you outsource?

I get my eyelash extensions with Jessica at Lash SRQ, and absolutely love how I feel as a result.  I love my nail tech, Lyanne, at The Nailz Place, because she’s constantly on the cutting edge of what’s fresh and new, and really cares about her clients.  I love the brilliant and talented Kelly at Cutting Loose who keeps my hair looking vibrant and tames my secret curls. 

How about your nighttime skincare ritual?

I use a gentle makeup remover/ cleanser made by Cetaphil, and then use a basic inexpensive moisturizer called Cerave, which is so light and non-sticky – I love it!  Then finally I use a little bit of Tizo’s nighttime Restore, which has a low level of Retinol.  And that’s it. I feel blessed that although I was ultimately cursed with my dad’s legs and eyebrows, I somehow lucked out to have smooth skin with no blemishes, and I’d like to think people still look surprised when I tell them how old I am—hopefully that will remain the case for a few years to come with the right products by my side. 

Do you have a signature scent and what do you love about it?

Years ago I fell in love with Giorgio Armani’s “J’Adore” and have used that for as long as I can remember.  It’s fresh and not floral or cloying.  Once in a while, I alternate with Dolce and Gabbano’s Light Blue, which is nice too, but I really feel like J’Adore is my go-to signature scent.  I get so many compliments from people who tell me I “smell good” when it’s hours and hours after I've put some on, and I just like how it makes me feel pretty and feminine.  On the rare occasion when I forget to put some on in the morning, I feel like people aren’t getting the full “me!” 

What is the biggest beauty blunder?

When women wear far too much makeup, it makes them look older and harder instead of the intended effect. And I have no objections to any kind of plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure if it makes one feel better about oneself, but there are so many instances when someone can’t seem to see how they’ve gone too far, and their face is melting off or they look like some version of Cat Woman.  I can’t quite understand that phenomenon, to be honest. At what point do they think to themselves, “Oh this looks great?” Should there be a secret intervention hotline, moderated by Heather Dunhill!?  I vote yes.

More women should….

More women should believe that they’re capable of more than they think.  That they have the ability to touch the lives of many people.  That they’re never too old to learn new things.  More women should surround themselves with people who want them to win.  More women should set boundaries, spoken and unspoken, of what they’re willing to accept from others.  More women should be kinder to themselves. And finally, I love the great Oscar Wilde quote: “Be yourself—everyone else is already taken.”

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