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Nail Guru Tom Tolliver Shares His Skincare Routine

Talking skin and beard care with NUOVO Salon's master nail stylist.

By Heather Dunhill October 6, 2017

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Tom Tolliver

A Sarasota resident since 1973, Tom Tolliver has made his professional home at Nuovo Salon for the past 17 years as a master nail stylist.  When it comes to nails, he's seen it, done it and done it again with all manner of trends and client requests. I remember him telling me ages ago about one manicure that included cupcake sprinkles, which I still love the thought of today.
Tom's also a stylish man about town who is always up on the latest trends, from accessories to products. Which made me wonder: What does he use on his skin....and what does it take to care for a beard?  Read on to find out.

Describe your morning skincare routine.

I wash my face with Dial Gold liquid soap.  I use this because of the anti-bacterial component.  It is actually very gentle and leaves my face feeling clean and fresh.  I then moisturize with a combination of two Aveda products. A bit of Aveda Botanical Kinetics Intense Hydrating Masque and a bit of Aveda Daily Light Guard Defense Fluid with a SPF 30. In addition I use Aveda Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil brushed into my beard.

What did your father/father-figure teach you about skincare?

My dad told me that a "gentleman" shaves everyday. Whoops...advice not taken since I always wear a beard.  

How do you nourish your handsome self from the inside?

I drink a lot of water and eat fresh fruit everyday.

Any treatment that you outsource?

The only thing I outsource is a great eyebrow and beard trim once a month, both with either Scott or Jimmy at Nuovo. 

How about your nighttime skincare ritual?

A quick wash with my Dial soap and as much sleep as I can get!

Do you have a signature scent and what do you love about it?

My favorite cologne is Black Orchid from Tom Ford.  The spicy, exotic scent brings compliments every time I wear it.

What is the biggest skincare blunder that men commit?

Not moisturizing.

More men should:

I think more men should sneak a peek at the cosmetics section at their favorite store or salon and ask for recommendations from their staff.  Almost all of the big companies have a men's line designed specifically to suit men's needs.

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