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Do Natural Skincare Products Actually Work?

Our beauty editor gets the skinny celeb-fave True Botanicals.

By Heather Dunhill October 3, 2017

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True Botanicals founder and president Hillary Peterson, along with partner Christina Mace-Turner, set out to create the world’s first line of luxury anti-aging products that were also certified MADE SAFE™ after being routinely disappointed by outdated, over-promising beauty industry standards. And after Hillary was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, it gave her an even bigger reason to take a close look at her personal products, where she found a common thread of toxins. 

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Hillary Peterson

From that point, Peterson and Mace-Turner were focused on formulating transformative skincare products that wouldn’t compromise health or the environment. The result? True Botanicals, which is disrupting the beauty industry with its nuanced approach to a safe, results-oriented luxury skin care. Among other accolades, it has earned ELLE magazine’s coveted Genius award and a home at many a memorable spa. Plus, True Botanicals' chief brand activist is actress Olivia Wilde. Now, that's saying something. 

I got to know Hillary Peterson and talked to her about creating a natural skincare line, the privilege of connecting with farmers who make the ingredients in True Botanicals' pretty glass bottles, and why and how more women should indulge in self care.

For those new to the True Botanicals collection – how would you describe it?

We make potent products without toxins.  Nature has everything your skin needs, from acne treatments to moisturizers. So we spend a lot time researching and sourcing pure, powerful ingredients and formulating them into powerful products that give skin everything it needs to be healthy and vibrant. Then we put our products through independent clinical trials, and the results consistently show that ours outperform the leading brands. That’s not surprising to us (because we know these are the best ingredients for skin that exist), but it is to other people.

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Hydrating Serum

What do you love about creating these products?

It is such a privilege to be able to connect with the farmers from around the world—who are leading the sustainable agricultural movement—to source the very best ingredients that we can.  The ingredients in our products make them luxurious and effective, and I love thinking about where they came from when I use the products. Connecting with nature is important to me in so many aspects of my life, and I love that it is such an important part of our skincare products too.

Tell us about the science behind your skincare…

Everything we do is science based. From understanding skin and what it needs to function well to formulating the right mix of ingredients for specific issues, science and results are our North Star. We formulate and reformulate until we have a product that works. And then we put our products through independent clinical trials to show they do. 

Basics cleanser t1fpix

Hydrating Cleanser

I’m particularly fond of the Hydrating Cleanser (so milky and luxe!). Which product is your fave?  

I could not live without our face oils. I use both Clear and Renew and I cannot believe how they have changed my skin. It’s encouraging that, at age 55, I have people tell me my skin is glowing.

What should more women indulge in when it comes to their skincare?

The power of pure, powerful botanicals. They’re so incredibly nourishing, and the difference is apparent right away. We also scent our products with essential oils, which provides a more authentic aromatic experience than most people are used to. The scents are light and fresh, creating a ritual experience akin to hiking in a forest or walking through a garden.

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