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How Makeup Stylist Cam McInnes Uses Your Aura to Inspire Your Look

McInnes, a veteran makeup artist, tunes into his clients' chakras to help evolve their makeup looks.

By Heather Dunhill August 25, 2017

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For more than a decade, Cam McInnes has been a devotee of makeup artistry. Since graduating from a professional makeup academy in Ireland, he's refined his craft at renowned brands like Bobbi Brown, Chanel and Trish McEvoy. Through those experiences, Cam realized that his innate talent in reading the energies—or auras—of his clients merged effortlessly into his makeover style. So he launched his innovative beauty experience, which he says is all about "a deep awareness of both inner and outer beauty."  Naturally, I needed to learn more, so I caught up with Cam to hear how this approach to makeup works.

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Image Courtesy of Cam McInnes.

Tell us how being an "aura artist" works.

I connect to my client's aura by tuning into her chakras and the aura color that corresponds with the alignment or dis-alignment within her emotional body. For example, if someone's solar plexus is out of alignment, I can use a bright eyeliner in a vivid color to bring out more creativity, helping her bring in more balance.  From there I can reflect the client's inner beauty through makeup artistry and enhance their experience. 

How do you connect facial features with chakra colors?

When I begin blending with the colors of [the client's] chakras, it mirrors the alignment on the face. I can sense if there are any blocks in the etheric body, which gives me insight on what facial feature we need  to focus on.

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McInnes' guide to auras and chakras.

How do you apply this to a makeup makeover?

I start by bringing the essence of beauty and soul together. This allows the opening of a transfer of energy between my client and myself. Then we can connect to bring out the best version of the client possible, using makeup.

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One of McInnes' clients

Tell us what you did with the look at left.

In this photo I connected with the natural beauty of my model using a MAC white eyeliner in the inner eye rim, opening her crystal blue eyes making them blossom with color with hints of bronze. This [allows her inner beauty to shine]. I kept the skin very natural, with a dewy finish, which allows her face to feel weightless.  

Products used from Chanticalle: Just Skin Tinted Moisturizer, Cheek Gelee Happy, Radiance Gel Bronzer,  and Brightening Eye Kajal. And by Lune + Aster: Dawn to Dusk Gel Eyeliner, Real Glow Bronzing Primer, Baked Bronzer Kona.

And finally, in your experience, what mistakes do you think women make when it comes to their maquillage?

I would say from my professional experience the biggest mistake most women make on a everyday basis is they don’t look beyond their regular routine. It’s important to begin with a calm state of mind before applying makeup; everything starts with a clear intention. Stress is the biggest indicator of aging and can cause fatigue which results with worry lines.

For more information, you can find Cam at BlueMercury in downtown Sarasota or by contacting him via [email protected].


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