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Former Model Turned Financial Professional Rochelle Nigri Shares Her Beauty Secrets

Rochelle Nigri shares the secrets to her fresh-faced look with our fashion and beauty editor Heather Dunhill.

By Heather Dunhill June 6, 2017

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Rochelle Nigri

Rochelle Nigri's got beauty and brains. This former fashion model has made her way into the financial world while focusing on community and volunteering for the arts, education and children and family welfare (in fact, Rochelle is co-chairing A Woman’s Journey for the Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in spring 2018). I caught up with her to learn how she maintains her fresh-faced beauty, from what she drinks first thing in the morning to the last thing she applies to her face before bed.

Describe your morning makeup routine.

My morning makeup routine is efficient and consistent. Within minutes of waking up, I drink a cup of hot water with the juice of half a lemon. In addition to rehydrating my body and helping with digestion, it gives my face an immediate dewy glow. I cleanse with NeoDerm Aesthetics Gentle Facial Cleanser. It’s free of dyes and perfumes, so it cleanses without stripping my skin of essential oils. I then add a quick spritz of Scaramouche + Fandago facial mist, which I discovered on a 13-hour flight to Abu Dhabi. This mist makes me look as though I've had a perfect eight hours of sleep. 

I aim for a fresh-faced makeup look. I apply a thin layer of Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier balm, which provides shine control and helps to clear breakouts. I then add a thin layer of Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer with broad spectrum SPF 20 in Walnut, which gives me light coverage, moisture and sun protection. The real time-saver in my routine is a product I use as a triple threat: a quick swab of Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster in Perfect Plum on my cheeks, lips and eyelids. My final touches are a swipe of YSL liquid eyeliner in black, one coat of Too Faced Mascara and a dab of Bobbi Brown tinted eye brightener in Medium to Dark Bisque, blended with Trish McEvoy highlighter below my eyes to instantly brighten under-eye circles. 

What did your mother teach you about beauty?

My mother, Dawn Currey, believed in the boldness and simplicity of a classic red lip. She's been a nurse for 41 years, practicing in Jamaica, London, Pennsylvania and Florida--saving patients is her No. 1 priority. She felt Estee Lauder's red lipstick was efficient and gave her polish. It was and still is the only makeup she ever wears, and she often [told me] that paired with self-confidence, a woman needed nothing else. I admired [my mother's] strength then, and am in awe of it now. 

How do you nourish your beauty from the inside?

By continually pursuing self-development. I tackle self-growth daily–prior to reading the Wall Street Journal in the morning, I read a few pages of an article or book focused on leadership. I’m currently enjoying Extreme You: Step Up. Stand Out. Kick Ass. Repeat, by Sarah Robb O'Hagan. Secondly, I support connecting my mind and body through a Pure Barre workout three to four days a week. It's physically and emotionally rewarding to be surrounded by a room of people determined to succeed until the final shake. In addition, I cook and eat healthy meals with my best attempt at avoiding gluten and dairy. I found out a couple of years ago that I am allergic to both, but nothing can substitute how nourishing an authentic Italian pizza and chocolate are for the soul. My ultimate goal is moderation. 

Any treatments that you outsource?

I've been a 10-year devotee of occasional aesthetic and clinical Facials with Sandra Day, owner of NeoDerm Aesthetics. She's the former president of the national Society of Plastic Surgical Skin Care Specialists, educating audiences around the country (and me!) about healthy skin, and how best to take care of it. Along the way Sandra has also become a close friend.

How about your nighttime skincare ritual?

Nighttime is when I implement the plan for prevention of long-term issues with my skin. To remove makeup and impurities while averting inflammation, I rely on Dior Gentle Cleansing Milk for dry and sensitive skin. Then I wash my face, using an exfoliating NeoDerm Aesthetics Vitamin C facial scrub. And as a final two-step treatment, I apply Eucerin Aquaphor ointment to my lips and lip line to prevent vertical lines, and use a couple of drops of Julie Hewett organic camellia oil pressed into my face, neck, décolleté and hands. The camellia oil reduces the appearance of fine lines, can be applied to perfect your manicure, used on hair to smooth and treat damaged strands, or even put into a bath for extra moisture.

Do you have a signature scent and what do you love about it?

I vary my fragrances seasonally, as the temperatures rise and fall so does the intensity of my sense of smell. In the summer I’ll apply a simple spritz of Acqua Fiorentina by Creed, and in the winter I transition to Plum Japonais by Tom Ford. I am allergic to many fragrances, and enjoy these two scents the most because they are light, don’t irritate my allergies, and evoke a memory for me of being on vacation in a far-flung destination. 

What is the biggest beauty blunder?

In my opinion, the biggest misstep we make as women is undervaluing our own beauty. We don’t often appreciate our distinct features, and at times are influenced to change them. Every day is a new opportunity to find our own beauty in ourselves, just as we are.  

More women should…

Be connectors and influencers. The beauty and retail landscapes have morphed over the past few years, with women becoming the drivers of trends and brand awareness through social media platforms. But in our local communities and throughout our day-to-day lives, how often do we take the personal or professional opportunity to connect and expand our networks? I challenge myself weekly to learn something new, educate someone about the industries I am involved with, and share what I’ve acquired with a friend, colleague, acquaintance or even a stranger. Life is instantly improved when we 1) tap into our talents, and 2) share them.

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