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Salon Pro and Bon Vivant Terry McKee Shares His Skincare Secrets

Terry McKee tells our fashion editor Heather Dunhill what guys should know about skincare and nourishing from the inside out.

By Heather Dunhill May 4, 2017

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Terry McKee

Image: Terry McKee

It’s highly likely you know creative, forward-thinking, community-minded, professional and all-around-good-guy Terry McKee.

Maybe it’s as the co-owner, president, CEO and visionary of NUOVO Salon Group, or in his role chairing, fundraising or participating in community and industry happenings. 

Terry began his professional path as a pre-med major thinking about a career in dermatology or plastic surgery--but his father always predicted he’d be “a hairdresser or a chef.” And father knew best--Terry excels at both. Now, when not out and about or busy behind the chair, you can find him at home with his partner Mike Scialdone, their two Schnauzers, Paint and Pi, and their Puggle Brody.

Looking to take advantage of all his knowledge about what’s new, next and best in beauty, I caught up with Terry so he could share his secrets.

Describe your morning skincare routine.

Cleansing happens in shower with AVEDA’s Purifying Gel Cleanser (although, if I’m honest, it sometimes happens via shampoo). After shower: a misting of Skin Firming toner, followed by the new Tulasara “Firm” concentrate. All this gets wrapped up by a thin layer of hydrating lotion and Botanical Kinetics energizing eye cream.

What did your father/father-figure teach you about skincare?

My father had complications with his skin due to his time in the service. While he was one of the few men of his time who used “face cream,” it was Horst Rechelbacher, the founder of AVEDA, who firmly embedded my commitment to quality skincare products .

How do you nourish your handsome self from the inside?

I’m big on supplementation and take whole-food supplements by Juice Plus. I also include a variety of vitamins, herbs, omega-3s and curcumin. And I can’t stress the importance the addition of vitamin C has made in a variety of arenas, including my skin. And whether or not my weight is up or down (a life-long challenge), I always exercise, working up a sweat daily, and make sure I drink lots of water.

Any treatment that you outsource?

I see Dr. William Elstein for Botox a couple of times a year. Botox is a God-send for men, as it gives a lift without looking feminine. Being “blessed” with Irish skin (and the broken capillaries that can accompany it), Dr. E. has also been known to recommend a laser-zapping here and there to neutralize those little monsters.

How about your nighttime skincare ritual?

In India, wedding celebrations can go on for days (and nights). In order to keep the glow, the bride and the groom are slathered nightly with a cream made with turmeric and essential oils. AVEDA has taken this recipe and enhanced it with plant stem cells for their Tulasara overnight wedding mask and eye cream. I do a quick cleansing, a spray of toner and an application of the mask and eye cream, then let it sink in, moisturize and rejuvenate. The best part is it’s a mask that doesn't require removal. I put it on and head to bed.

Do you have a signature scent and what do you love about it?

I try to keep my scents to two; a day and an evening. For day I wear Bois D’Orage by Frederic Malle. It’s light yet powerful and gives me a glimpse of what I imagine air smells like in heaven. For evening it’s Musc Ravageur, also Frederic Malle. I love its earthy sensuality, with just a touch of sweetness and a dash of vanilla. I’m constantly asked about both when I’m wearing them. If I’m working behind the chair, I opt for soft, natural scents that work with my environment. My current favorites are Santal 33 and Bergamote 22, both by Le Labo. I love the fact that both of these are light and clean, yet noticeable in a very pleasing, unobtrusive way. 

What is the biggest skincare blunder that men commit?

Ignoring the largest organ of the body: your skin.

More men should:

Sweat more, drink enough water and find a simple, effective skin care regimen that they can commit to on a daily basis.

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