Sarasota's Wrapt With Love Offers Wearable, Personalized Keepsakes

The brainchild of Renee Phinney and Jenn Smith-Stutler, Wrapt With Love creates wearable, personalized keepsakes.

By Heather Dunhill January 6, 2016

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Photo by Tara Tomlinson

The coolest surprise arrived for my birthday in December--a super sweet, completely touching scarf imprinted with a repeating pattern of my four-legged children: Lucy, Carlos, Bodhi Monroe and Rocco, who left this world last year (and, to further melt my heart, he had little angel wings). The heartfelt thoughtfulness....was...well...I was choked up to say the very least.

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A meaningful and personal gift. Fantastic, right?  Well, Renee Phinney and Jenn Smith-Stutler have hit on something big, and I've been dying to share the details of their company Wrapt with Love.  In this fun interview, the dynamic duo tell us all about the wraps, and the unlimited ideas for personalization of!


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Renee Phinney & Jenn Smith-Stutler / Photo Cred: Cliff Roles

This is SUCH a brilliant idea--how did it come about?

Renee Phinney: Wrapt With Love was born from love and sacred sisterhood at the dawn of a new year. (And, yes, this is a true story.) It was the morning of January 1, 2014, and my BFF and soul sister, Jenn, was marrying her beloved in a seaside ceremony. Both the bride and the groom wrote their own vows. As I heard them speaking the words of love to one another, I was overjoyed and wanted to capture this moment in time. So, naturally, I combined my fashion sense with my background in graphic design and printing to capture their sentiments on a soft, elegant pashmina wrap. Before I knew it, everyone was asking for one [for everything from] baby names, graduation ceremonies, favorite poems, special shower gifts, happy days, holiday, keepsakes, etc. It's a unique, personal, powerful way to make every day meaningful. Because Jenn inspired the idea, it felt right to make my BFF my business partner--and she’s brilliant in the world of business! Together we make a great team.

Tell us about the process of creating a wrap.

Jenn Smith-Stutler: We offer a few standard options for design and color schemes. Monograms are always very popular and are created using unique font choices. Grooms can have their vows to their future wife done so she can literally wrap herself in his love on their wedding day.

Names and dates of loved ones, printed at either end of the wrap or throughout, like a pattern, are also fun--especially for moms and nanas! We can use fonts, images or a combination of both.

And for a completely customized wrap, we can create one-of-a-kind artwork.

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Photo by Tara Tomlinson

How about the scarves--what’s the yummy material?

RP: We offer two options. Viscose is our standard, a semi-synthetic fabric. The great thing about it is that it's washable, and your ink stays put! Plus, the feel is silk-like, and it provides fantastic movement. We also offer cashmere-blend wraps.

We can offer special orders on other materials and muslin cotton fabrics as well, like for those bundles of joy!

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Photo by Tara Tomlinson

What’s the turn-around time?

JS: Typically two weeks for most orders that involve words or monogramming or single images, but a rush order can be placed and completed in as quickly as 4 days. Fully custom artwork takes a bit longer, and is completed on a case by case basis.

How do we care for the printed scarves?

RP: Again, the Viscose can be washed! Hanging it to dry is best. Cashmere is always best to dry clean, like any natural product.

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