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Celebrate African Cuisine at a Selby Library Cooking Class

Join chefs Alex Jordan and Erik Decker for an educational evening filled with tasty treats.

By Lauren Jackson June 16, 2022

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Two plant-based chefs, Alex Jordan and Erik Decker, are teaming up to host an African cooking class next Thursday, June 23, at Selby Library. The duo was inspired by this year's Sarasota County Libraries and Historical Resources One Book Selection of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by Malawian author, William Kawkwamba.

The chefs will be demonstrating and serving dishes from around the African continent. "We're going to have a salad from Nigeria, three main dishes from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Kenya, and Malawian cookies with Moroccan tea for dessert," says Jordan.

The entire meal will be plant-based, in line with the chefs' interest in raising awareness about the importance and accessibility of a vegan lifestyle.

"I'm not telling anyone they have to eat vegan, but we want to show that there are options for plant-based food that tastes good," says Jordan. "There are so many cool grains and vegetables you can put together with spices to make nutritional and delicious food. We're even introducing an ancient Nigerian grain that I didn't know about!"

Chef Erik Decker prepares samples for a previous cooking demonstration.

Chef Erik Decker prepares samples for a previous cooking demonstration.

The class will begin at 6:30 p.m. and last one hour. Interested attendees are recommended to show up 30 minutes before class to register at the youth desk to secure a ticket. There will be room for 40 participants.

The two chefs will continue their plant-based demonstrations through the summer, with another library class scheduled for July 7.

For more information about A Taste of Africa visit the library's website.  To contact Jordan or Decker call (941) 993-4191 or visit the Deck's Plate website.

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