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A Dreamy New Vendor Has Joined the Sarasota Farmers Market

Dream Earth Bowls, an açaí bowl company founded in Hawaii, has found its way to the Sarasota Farmers Market.

By Emma Lichtenstein July 7, 2021

Eating healthy can taste good. Don't believe me? Visit the Sarasota Farmers Market and say hello to Dream Earth Bowls, a new vendor that provides sweet but healthy açaí bowls with a wide range of “superfood” toppings.

Dream Earth's mission is “to connect people with healthy food, thoughts and ways of living, one bowl at a time,” says 21-year-old founder Ashley Yamamoto.

The menu features bowls topped with the traditional granola and fresh fruits, as well as some unexpected toppings like nut butters (almond and peanut), bee pollen and cacao nibs.

“Açaí has about three times more antioxidants than a normal blueberry,” says Yamamoto. “So not only are you getting a super-packed antioxidant bowl, but you are also getting protein from the butters, getting your fiber with the granola on all of the bowls—and the toppings all have different superfood profiles that are all good and important.”

Unique to Dream Earth Bowls is the booth's “What’s your dream?” area, where customers are asked to write down their aspirations for others to see.

“We want customers to get inspired by other peoples’ dreams in the community and write down their dreams if they feel called to,” says Yamamoto, who believes that the first step to accomplishing a goal is writing it down. She wants to encourage all who come to her stand to take that first step forward.

Yamamoto started Dream Earth Bowls in 2019, at just 19. She was living in Hawaii, where she learned about farming, agriculture and fresh foods. She took that knowledge back to her home state of Florida, where she is now a member of a handful of farmers' markets. She enjoys the Sarasota market.

“The people are so friendly and so nice and we love the atmosphere and the whole vibe of the city,” says Yamamoto. “We love it. We definitely see a long-term commitment here.” As someone who has tried a bowl every Saturday for the past few weeks, I'm definitely excited about that.

To try Dream Earth Bowls, visit the Sarasota Farmers Market between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. on Saturdays.

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