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New Chuck Norris-Themed Ghost Kitchen Opens in Sarasota

Cluck Norris Ass-Kickin’ Chicken is the latest virtual restaurant to come to Sarasota.

By Emma Lichtenstein May 19, 2021

Cluck Norris' Buffalo fried chicken sandwich.

There's no need to break out the nunchucks to get a good meal. Cluck Norris Ass-Kickin’ Chicken, home of “black-belt quality” food, is now open in Sarasota.

Cluck Norris is a bit different than your typical new joint, since the restaurant is completely virtual. Virtual restaurants, known as “ghost kitchens,” are an idea that has been around for several years, but became more popular during the Covid-19 pandemic. A “virtual” restaurant runs out of the kitchen of an existing restaurant, and often has a celebrity tie-in.

For example, Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Kitchen, which opened in Sarasota earlier this year, is run out of Brio Italian Grille. Cluck Norris will operate out of Rusty Bucket Tavern, located at  257 N. Cattlemen Road, #81, Sarasota, near the University Town Center mall.

"The idea of Cluck Norris was born to reach guests in a fun, new way, highlighting an area of our culinary ability we feel very confident in," said Jim Sauter, the vice president of Rusty Bucket, in a press release. "We are thrilled to launch this fun virtual brand that will deliver quality, fresh, flavorful chicken favorites, ice-cold beverages and more right to your doorstep."

Cluck Norris is currently available on DoorDash and will soon be offered through Uber Eats, as well. The restaurant isn’t afraid to bring the heat. Its sauces include "Cluck’s original," "sweet chili," "BBQ," sriracha and "Holy Cluck!!" Customers can try any of these sauces with an order of chicken fingers or wings. If that’s not your speed, Cluck Norris also has many sandwich options to choose from. The “Angry Bird” is Cluck's signature sandwich, and is breaded with a spice blend and served with pickle chips and more sauce. Other options include a pork sandwich and a BLT.

For more info about Cluck Norris Ass-Kickin’ Chicken, follow the restaurant on Facebook or Instagram.

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