Original Glazed doughnuts being made at Krispy Kreme.

For those of us in the Sarasota area, news that the doughnut chain Krispy Kreme is giving away free doughnuts to anyone who has received a Covid-19 vaccine left a bitter, rather than sweet, taste in our mouths. Our region has no Krispy Kreme store, and the nearest locations where you can claim your treasure are in St. Petersburg, Brandon, Tampa and Fort Myers.

Should that deter you? I vote no.

Here's how the promotion works: Stop by a Krispy Kreme location, flash your vaccine record card and claim your gooey, sugary delight. The best part? You can claim one free doughnut every day until December—no limits. You must collect your doughnut inside the shop or via a drive-through; you cannot get one through the shop's online ordering system or via delivery.

If you've already received a vaccine, treat yourself. For others who are frantic to secure an appointment, this just provides a little more motivation.

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