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Sad Desk Lunch, Be Gone!

Take your midday meal from bad to rad with these simple upgrades.

By Megan McDonald October 26, 2018 Published in the November 2018 issue of Sarasota Magazine

A few condiments can make turn a sad-desk lunch into a happy one.

We get it—having to eat lunch at your desk, especially in this glorious November weather, can be a real bummer. After all, there’s nothing particularly exciting about a plain old tuna sandwich or uninspiring leftovers. But if you plan accordingly, and stock your desk with a few key pantry items—specifically a rainbow of condiments—you may just find yourself looking forward to lunch hour. Here are some of our favorite ways to spice up your desktop meal. 

La Croix: Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love this fizzy flavored water? (Boxes are easily stackable under your desk, too.)

Drizzle olive oil on salads or soups, or use it to dunk a slice of crusty bread.

Mayonnaise and Dijon mustard: Small jars of these hardworking condiments are excellent for many things, especially smearing on lackluster sandwiches. You could even use the olive oil and Dijon to make a quick, easy vinaigrette.

A black pepper grinder and a jar of red pepper flakes—because every meal can use a little heat.

A Holy Grail condiment, hot sauce brightens up any dish, from eggs to salads to soup.

Forget boring old table salt—make your lunch taste even better with flaky sea salt. Sarasota’s own Sea Salt Florida makes a great version.

Buttery and rich-tasting, Marcona almonds are excellent salad toppers but also equally delicious eaten alone.

Not only are metal utensils better for the environment—single-use plastics are a major cause of pollution—they make any desk lunch feel a little fancier, and they’re easy to wash at the office and store in your desk drawer.

Like metal utensils, a linen napkin and placemat elevate your meal and, because they're reusable, are also good for the environment.

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