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Cocktail of the Week: The Fish's Whiskey Beet Drop

We are, in fact, drinking more beets.

By Hannah Wallace March 15, 2017

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This week: The Whiskey Beet Drop at downtown Bradenton's The Fish

The drink: Old St. Pete sweet corn whiskey, fresh beet juice, lemon, honey syrup and undisclosed "herbs." Not gonna lie: I love this. The sweet-earthy beet flavor is definitely present, but it's tempered enough by the lemon and whiskey to make it a balanced, delightful cocktail.

The bar: A hopping spot that fills up fast, especially on weekend evenings. Equally appropriate for a meal or late-night drinks out with friends.

Other notable potables: A number of playful craft cocktails without going too crazy. There's a tequila sunrise with jalapeño ("Sunrise Burn") or a Tom Collins with blueberry and basil ("The Double-B Collins").

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