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Cocktail of the Week: State Street's Jimador en Llamas

Mescal and many other flavors combine for a fascinating wallop.

By Hannah Wallace February 15, 2017

State street llamas trypdp

The Jimador en Llamas. And a plant. 

This week: The Jimador en Llamas at State Street Eating House + Cocktails

The drink: Mescal, cilantro and coriander syrup, green chartreuse, lime juice, egg white, habanero bitters. Do not let its gentle froth fool you; this packs all of the kicks. The menu's tasting notes read, "Mescal + herbal + lime + spicy," which pretty much says it all. The smoky mescal stands up to all of the herby flavors, then the tart lime, and at the end you're left with delightfully burny lips.

The bar: Singlehandedly responsible for making this Main Street-adjacent road a cocktail destination, State Street has expanded into a multi-bar, multi-seating area go-to for any and all occasions.

Food: If you haven't had State Street's happy hour lobster rolls, you're seriously missing out.

Other notable potables: State Street's stellar mixological reputation is well earned. Check the menu for popular staples as well as new experiments, and don't be afraid to make requests or ask for adjustments and recommendations. 

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