Spirits of Sarasota

Cocktail of the Week: Marina Jack's Ocean Blue

Because idyllic waterfront photos need colorful beverages in them.

By Hannah Wallace February 1, 2017

Marina jack  k97xcu

This week: The Ocean Blue at Marina Jack.

The drink: Rum, coconut vodka, blue Curaçao, pineapple juice. Exactly the kind of eye-poppingly colorful coconut abomination needed for group photos at an iconic waterfront location. That is to say, it's sweet in a way we've come to expect of tropical cocktails, but at least it's strong enough to put you in a good mood.

The bar: Marina Jack's outdoor bar and restaurant--now dubbed "The Blue Sunshine Patio"--is a longtime destination, and for good reason: It's spacious, with open-air seating that extends down to the dock and looks out over Bayfront Park and the bay beyond. Think khakis, polos and various states of boater chic. The adjacent indoor piano bar (the Deep Six Lounge) is slightly fancier, while the upstairs formal dining room is a whole different way to experience the stunning bay views.

Other notable potables: There's a list of similar tropical cocktails for all your photography needs, but with a full bar and decent beer selection, feel free to go off-menu for round No. 2.

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