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Cocktail of the Week: Blue Rooster's Bootleg Moonshine

This week: a fruit-infused concoction that comes with a warning.

By Hannah Wallace October 19, 2016

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This week: Chad's Bootleg Moonshine at the Blue Rooster

The drink: Corn whiskey infused with fresh fruit--in this case, raspberries. After I ordered, the bartender actually doubled back to give me a heads up: "Just so you know, this is, um...really strong." "Even better," I told her. Whiskey lovers rejoice: This "moonshine" is really just whiskey and fruit--just the hint of a tart raspberry-ness, plus delicious (POTENT) little buttons of booze-soaked raspberries to snack on. No added sugar. I mean, corn whiskey is 80 percent corn. Why would you need anything sweeter?

The bar: Blue Rooster has done well to establish its own cool energy there on Fourth Street. The live music (blues, bluegrass and the like) is consistently excellent and sets a good scene--worth watching if you're into it, but not so intrusive as to spoil your conversation.

Food: Check out the happy hour menu for deals on the Rooster's Southern-inspired bar bites like fried green tomatoes and crawfish mac 'n cheese.

Other notable potables: Fun inventions on a Southern theme. (We've written about the Rooster's Cajun lemonade before.)

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