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Cocktail of the Week: Seasons 52's New Old Fashioned

This week: a can't-miss treat for bourbon drinkers.

By Hannah Wallace September 14, 2016

Seasons 52 old fashioned taqyd0

This week: The New Old Fashioned at Seasons 52

The drink: Bourbon, cherry liqueur, apple bitters, garnished with orange, cherry and a stick of rock sugar. It was the apple bitters here that caught my eye, but not so much my tongue--I couldn't quite distinguish the apple in the drink. Still: bourbon, bitters and cherry will never fail to hit my happy spot. (See also: Manhattan.) Nice touch with the rock sugar, intended for people who want to make their cocktail a little sweeter. Which doesn't include me, of course, but still: Nice touch. 

The bar: Surprisingly calming. Seasons 52 does well to distinguish its atmosphere from the surrounding Mall at UTC. The live piano player is a nice touch, too. 

Food: Don't miss the $5 happy hour menu.

Other notable potables: You'll find all the flavors of the craft cocktail scene, including jalapeno, thyme, cucumber and elderflower. 

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