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Cocktail of the Week: Cheesecake Factory's Bourbon and Honey

This week: nature's sweetener meets Hannah's favorite spirit.

By Hannah Wallace September 21, 2016

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This week: The Bourbon and Honey at the Cheesecake Factory

The drink: Bourbon, orange blossom honey and lemon, garnished with fresh thyme. Sweet, but honey-sweet, which works for me better than saccharine syrup. Plus, the honey is a nice combo with the savory scent of thyme--perhaps my favorite crafty cocktail garnish. I'm not sure the lemon tartness is the right third note, though; maybe just a splash of soda instead? Excuse me while I retreat to my liquor lab to experiment...

The bar: Dark and high-ceilinged, there's not much to separate the Cheesecake Factory bar area from its raucous dining room. A good spot for a celebratory evening out.

Other notable potables: I love a multi-page cocktail menu that's divided into categories by style and/or type of liquor. There are a handful of selections grouped under categories that include mojitos, margaritas, whiskey drinks and more. 

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