Chef Judi's Best of 2012

By Megan McDonald May 8, 2012

Since the fearless and unique Mr. Chatterbox announced his very own Best Of picks, how could I resist picking my own? There must be a best of second-tier list somewhere. Certainly we all have our own best of lists--some unique and some worthy of their own holidays. Heck, if there is a National Stinky Cheese Day, Cherry Turnover Day and--wait for it--Swiss Winegrowers Day, Sarasota deserves a special list of Best Ofs that didn’t  quite make the magazine.

Best cheap burger with the most “worth it” calories: Grass-fed burger stand downtown Saturday Farmer’s Market

Best Bad Attitude of a Restaurant: Sorry, I am not allowed to say, but they do wear their honor well.

Best Egg Salad Sandwich on Toast (add a side of bacon on top): Where Elvis ate, of course. Edith Barr Dunn got me hooked years ago

Best Place to Meet a Gourmet Chef: Shamrock Bar cookouts.

Sadly, the best Jewish deli is still in NYC...

Best Jewish Deli: Still in NYC

Best Coffee-Flavored Yogurt that Really Tastes Like Coffee (eaten after shopping at Target on Fruitville): Orange Leaf

Doggie dining.

Best Restaurant to Take Norman and RJ, the Dogs: A tie between Gecko's on Hillview (they each get their own water bowl) and Taste of Asia--they get a standard order of rice with chicken broth, hold the chopsticks.

Best Good News About the Restaurant Scene: Good Chinese is coming this year!

Best Excuse I've Heard for Closing a Restaurant: “I thought the landlord was going to finance it”

Look for our article on Sarasota's Best Pancakes in our June issue!

Best Place to Order One Meal and Feed Your Cul de Sac: Country Pancake House on Lakewood Ranch

Best Oyster shooter with Bloody Mary Foam: The Table

Best Place to Spot a Cardiologist Eating Lunch: JR’s Packinghouse

Best Bang for Your Buck: A full basket of pick-your-own tomatoes at Hunsader farms-$1.00

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