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Spirit Halloween Should Definitely Sell These Six Sarasota-Specific Costumes

These might just inspire your own DIY costume. Happy Halloween!

By Hannah "Hemlock" Phillips/Gigi "Chainsaw" Ortwein October 25, 2023

We're sure that, by now, you've seen plenty of fun riffs on the iconic packages of Spirit Halloween costumes (if you've somehow remained unaware of this meme, here's a handy recap to bring you up to speed), and we couldn't resist getting into the act.  We've come up with six Sarasota-specific costume ideas we think would be big hits this year. And who knows? These might just inspire a DIY costume of your own. Enjoy!

1. Florida Man Dating Profile Pic

2. Yoga-Instructor-Slash-Realtor

3. Broke Crypto Guy

4. Controversial Artwork

5. Affordable Housing

6. Siesta Key Cast Member

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