The Pursuit of Beauty

Selby Gardens Announces Upcoming Tiffany Exhibition

Artist-designer Louis Comfort Tiffany is the subject of the 2023 Goldstein Exhibition series.

By Kay Kipling July 27, 2022

A Tiffany dragonfly lamp. Such works will be on view at Selby Gardens starting in February 2023. 

For the past half dozen years, Marie Selby Botanical Gardens has attracted audiences with exhibitions of work by famous artists tied to their connection to nature, from Paul Gauguin to Andy Warhol to Robert Mapplethorpe. Next up, in February 2023: designer Louis Comfort Tiffany, best known for his association with the international Art Nouveau style and decorative arts, especially stained glass.

“Louis Comfort Tiffany’s work as an artist and designer was part of a lifelong goal he described as ‘the pursuit of beauty,’” said Selby’s president and CEO Jennifer O. Rominiecki, in a press release announcing the 2023 exhibit. “He believed that inspiration for this work should be found in nature.”

Tiffany, who founded Tiffany Studios, also served as the first design director of Tiffany & Co., the renowned jewelry and silver firm established by his father, Charles Lewis Tiffany. Tiffany: The Pursuit of Beauty in Nature will be the first exhibition of its type to be presented in a botanical garden, where the artist’s stained-glass windows and lamps will inspire horticultural displays in the gardens’ Tropical Conservatory, as well as throughout the grounds of the downtown campus.

You can count on seeing work in various media in Selby’s Museum of Botany & the Arts, including lamps, vases and others objects, on loan from a private collection.

A Tiffany window.

Rominiecki adds that the exhibit will help explore the often-unnamed artisans who worked with Tiffany. “That team included several talented women, who contributed to every aspect of glasswork, from initial design to final product. And he encouraged his team to look to nature—from dragonflies to daffodils—and to interpret it imaginatively.”

The exhibit will be on view Feb. 12 through June 25, 2023, and it will be accompanied by a schedule of educational programs and special events. To learn more about Selby’s exhibitions, visit

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