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Mother's Day Gifts Kids Can Make at Home

Garden Elementary School art teacher Joanna Davis-Lanum has three easy, artsy ideas to surprise Mom.

By Kay Kipling May 6, 2020

Kids who want to give Mom more than a hug for Mother’s Day may be stumped for ideas this year, as well as low on funds and access to materials. Coming to the rescue is Garden Elementary School art teacher Joanna Davis-Lanum, who has taught there for 20 years and offers three surefire presents even very young kids should be able to make for their Moms this week.

First up: “Owl Always Love You” paper bag owls

Adorable owls

Materials needed:

Brown lunch-style paper bag

Cut-up magazine or newspaper scraps


Plastic recycled shopping bags




Use cut-up magazines with fun patterns or prints to create the owl’s belly, wings and large circles for the eyes. Use black and white paper to make the eyes, or color white paper to make them black. Glue everything on while the paper bag is flat. Once dried, open the bag up and stuff with plastic recycled bags. Fold the top over and staple closed.

Second: Mother’s Day Bouquets

A colorful bouquet for Mom

Materials needed:

Green paper (or green painted paper, as used here)

Magazine, shopping bags or catalog pictures




Begin by folding your green construction paper in half, “hot dog” style. Then use your scissors to create 1-inch “fringe cuts” on the folded side of the paper (picture 1). Then roll the paper and tape or staple to create a standing bouquet. Cut flowers petals out of magazine papers (you can use a shopping bag for color) or other papers you may have. Glue into flower spaces and voilà! A perfect Mother’s Day bouquet.

Third: Ceramic Plates (or bowls or coffee cups)

Materials needed:

Color Sharpies

Dollar Tree plate, bowl or coffee mug



This is a fun project that lasts. You need a plate from a dollar store (white ceramic) and Sharpies. Draw your design on the plate (or mug, etc.), then allow to cure for 6-plus hours. Once cured, place in the oven at 250 degrees for an hour. This will set the marker. Do not wash immediately, and hand-wash ONLY.

 You can find more of Davis-Lanum’s colorful classroom projects on Instagram, @i_teach600.

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