If the Far East isn’t on your travel plans this fall, no worries. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens will take you there—virtually, of course—with its newest orchid show, Blossoms of Asia. Vivid Asian orchids will fill the Tropical Conservatory along with Japanese ikebana and bonsai, while preserved specimens and rare botanical illustrations will be exhibited in the Gardens’ Museum of Botany and the Arts.

In Asian cultures, Director of Glasshouse Collections Angel Lara explains, the orchid, plum blossom, bamboo and chrysanthemum are known as the Four Gentlemen, representing the four seasons. (The orchid represents spring.) Their influence pervades Asian art, philosophy and religion. The Gardens will present talks on the subject by Ringling Museum curators, and orchid collector and illustrator Stig Dalstrom also will talk about his orchid conservation project with the government of Bhutan.

The Orchid Show: Blossoms of Asia is on exhibit Oct. 12 through Dec. 1. Visit selby.org for a complete list of special events. 

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