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Recap: MTV's Siesta Key Season 2, Episode 12: 'Cheers to the End of Summer!'

In the season finale, the producers work overtime to tie up all the loose ends.

By Giulia Heyward April 3, 2019

The Siesta Key crew

Image: Courtesy MTV

We've reached the season finale of Siesta Key, and if you've made it thus far, kudos to you. With only an hour (minus ads) of airtime left, the producers have a lot of loose ends to tie up, so here's what went down.

First up, there's Pauly. He arrives in a sleek new luxury vehicle seemingly absolved of all of the drama this season, which had him broke and with a warrant out for his arrest. It turns out that after the 27-year-old impressed his grandmother by getting his first job, she decided to put him back on the trust fund. Won't the thousands of dollars in allowance money he'll go back to receiving deter him from continuing to work? That possibility isn't broached.

Moving on, Juliette is expected to move back to the University of Florida soon to finish her senior year. We find her at a party hosted by frenemy, Cara, where everyone is sporting an almost iridescent blue frozen cocktail in hand with clunky black mics partially hidden underneath their swimsuits. Juliette's friends, Chloe and Amanda, confront Juliette with evidence that her boyfriend, Alex, has been cheating on her. They show her texts and a video of Alex fraternizing with other girls.

The Alex and Juliette relationship has been rocky all season. This week, we finally get a glimpse into why Juliette continues to take him back: She's had a dysfunctional family that has made her cling to her relationship with Alex. She admits to her friends that there's nothing her boyfriend can do to make them break up. I'm not saying it's a good answer, but it's an answer that makes sense. "You deserve so much more than this," Chloe says.

Meanwhile, Garrett shares a tender moment with his ex-girlfriend, Kelsey. Kelsey is a former model who gave it all up to take care of her mother, who is battling multiple sclerosis. It turns out that there's a growth on her mother's thyroid, and Kelsey is worried that it could be cancer. But the moment is broken up when Garrett is confronted by his current girlfriend, Cara. As the host of this party, Cara is embarrassed that her boyfriend has been talking to his ex-girlfriend. Hold up: Didn't you invite your boyfriend's ex-girlfriend to the party? If this was an issue, why even invite her?

Brandon, meanwhile, still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Madisson. After Kelsey encourages him to tell Madisson how he feels, Brandon asks Madisson if she's willing to give their relationship another try. In season one, Brandon cheated on Madisson soon after telling her that he was in love with her. Madisson, who has just broken up with her current boyfriend after he also cheated on her, is ready to give a relationship with Brandon another try.

The very next day, Juliette packs her car for her journey back to Gainesville. Before she leaves, she confronts Alex, finally breaking up with him. We are told that this time it's for good. “I’m breaking up with you because you hurt me and I don’t trust you,” Juliette tells Alex. He watches as she drives off.

Before the credits roll, MTV treats us to a montage that brings us up-to-date. Garrett drops off Cara at Sarasota Bradenton International Airport as she heads to Italy for a family trip. We're briefly reminded that this is a summer fling that has fizzled. Pauly sips another cocktail at a tiki bar, clearly glad that summer isn't ending for him, while Kelsey bakes a pie with her mother and Madisson and Brandon share a kiss on the beach. As Juliette pulls onto the highway, it's the final sign that all of the drama is on pause for the school year. That is, unless MTV green-lights season number three.

Who would have thought that a half-serious pitch to my editors would turn into a 12-week project that's now reached its end? I'd say it made me smarter, but that'd be a lie. But if you want to brush up on what’s happened thus far, you can read all of our past recaps of Siesta Key here.

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