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Recap: MTV's Siesta Key Season 2, Episode 11: 'I Want Him (Without the Cheating)'

There are only two episodes before this season is over and no one is more excited than I am.

By Giulia Heyward March 27, 2019

In this week's episode, we learn that a cute new necklace will erase any betrayal for Juliette

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It's another week, and we are back! Here is what went down.

Juliette's 21st birthday is approaching. Now that she's old enough to legally purchase all the alcohol she has no problem drinking on national television, she is also ready to approach her life with more maturity. This includes not falling victim to Alex's old ways in their on-again-off-again relationship that's somehow staler than Pauly's music career.

At a benefit that retired model Kelsey is hosting in honor of her mother's struggle with multiple sclerosis, Alex takes some time to talk to Juliette about their relationship. "I tried not coming up to you tonight, but it's hard," he tells her, but she immediately shuts him down. "This is not about you or me, it's about Kelsey and her mom," Juliette rebuts. And in between shots of the cast downing alcohol at the benefit with the same enthusiasm as a hangout at the club, it's a somber occasion. Kelsey sobs during her speech, and a few cast members even shed a few tears.

But the mood picks up later that week at Juliette's 21st birthday party. Juliette even shares a few polite words with Cara, Alex's ex-girlfriend, to the shock of everyone there. And before you can finish singing "Happy Birthday," Juliette notices someone in the distance. It's Alex, arriving to the waterside restaurant, on his boat. It's honestly kind of hilarious.

He presents Juliette with a gift—a diamond necklace. Alex once again maintains that nothing happened between him and the two girls Juliette found in his bedroom that one night. I'd like to pause for a second and ask some serious questions. Whether or not Alex did or didn't sleep with these girls has become one of the most heavily debated topics for the entire friend group. But these people are on a reality show surrounded by cameras. No one was there to film evidence? Also, where are the girls in the alleged ménage à trois with Alex? Shouldn't they be asked to give their testimony? But none of these questions are asked, and a shiny piece of jewelry means all is forgiven and the duo is back together. Alex tells Juliette that he hasn't been with any other girl since he and Juliette started seriously dating. Remember that.

In other news, Cara and Garrett also get back together, but there's a catch. Garrett has a new job opportunity as a personal trainer that might have him out of town for two months, and Cara isn't happy about this. "Why can't you just go with me and my family on a trip to Italy instead?" she asks. Garrett declines. "It must be nice to be able to go to Italy, and not have to think about money or anything like that,” he says. Cara rolls her eyes.

Meanwhile, Jared tells Madisson that he has feelings for her. She does not reciprocate, but it's easy to find yourself rooting for Jared. "I just kind of feel as if you're the one that got away," Jared says, reflecting on his relationship with Madisson in high school. "I don't want to see that happen again." Madisson gracefully lets him know that she only has platonic feelings for him, and then admits that she's interested in a different old flame: Brandon, the guy who cheated on her last season. Nice.

Finally, right before the credits roll, Chloe reveals to Cara that she found a video of Alex making out with a girl at a club, concrete proof that Alex has cheated on Juliette. Chloe struggles with whether to tell Juliette.

"Well, do your loyalties lie with Alex or with Juliette?" Cara asks.

Clearly the answer is MTV, because we won't find out until next week's episode. See you then.

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