Fresh Catch: How to Cook Fresh-Caught Fish (Recipe)

Sarasota Yacht Club executive chef Anthony Puccio shares his recipe for fresh-caught fish with simple aioli.

By By Megan McDonald August 14, 2013

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Is there anything more quintessentially Sarasota than a day spent on your boat in the sunshine, followed by a meal featuring fresh local seafood? We don’t think so—and neither does Sarasota Yacht Club executive chef Anthony Puccio, who’s made it his mission to help Yacht Club members take advantage of the bounty of delicious fish swimming in our local waters (think grouper, snapper, pompano and, soon, snook).

“The majority of our members love to fish,” Puccio says, and he and his team will happily filet and cook any catch Yacht Club members bring back after a day on the water. Puccio is also happy to share his cooking expertise with Yacht Club members who may want to prepare their own fish right on their own boats, taking the whole locavore concept to a whole new level. “Most people have a grill on their boat,” he explains, “so it’s easy for them to cook a fresh, gourmet meal.”

Want to cook your fresh catch on your own boat—or even just in your own kitchen? Click through for Puccio’s recipe for fresh fish with aioli, which features just a few simple ingredients.

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