I, Robot

New Technology Allows Hospital-Bound Seniors to Explore The Ringling

The Ohmni telepresence robot is controlled by patients via a tablet and allows them to move independently and interact with others.

By Staff May 11, 2021

Starting this week, older patients living long-term at Sarasota Memorial Hospital will have a new way to explore and connect socially via the Ohmni telepresence robot at the Ringling Museum. The robot is totally controlled by the patient via a tablet, and it incorporates an immersive, ultra-wide field of view, tilting neck, far-field mic and speaker, and whisper-quiet smooth motion on any surface, so patients can move independently and interact with others as if they were at the museum in person. Since 2017, more than 2,000 of these robots have been deployed to senior care facilities, hospitals, businesses and private individuals across the country.

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